Points to Ponder About Before Planning a Trip to Birmingham


Planning a trip to Birmingham for the first time and not sure how to go about it? Look no further as here you will get all the required information and tips regarding your first trip to one of the most visited places in the UK.

Birmingham, which is highly famous for its nightlife with all the bars and clubs, allows the visitors to have a drink while enjoying various music styles. Still, you got to do a bit of research on Venuefinder in regards to various aspects like ‘where to stay’, ’when to visit’ and so on, before getting started with your trip.

That said; let’s take a look at the below-mentioned guide to help you out with your first trip to Birmingham.


  1. Best time to visit

Birmingham experiences the most amazing weather from April to September, and this is the time when most of the tourists come here from various parts of the globe. While the city witnesses long spells of rains throughout the year, this is the only time when the tourist can enjoy an uninterrupted view of their favourite tourist venues in Birmingham.


  1. Stay safe

All the tourists who are visiting Birmingham are further advised to keep their excess baggage, cash, and documents in the hotel only. While the city is quite safe to travel, there are some venues in Birmingham which are quite risky to carry extra cash and baggage along.


  1. Plan your visits

Most of the shops and shopping centres in Birmingham opens at 9:30 and get closed by 17:30. Moreover, Sunday is an off for most of the shops, so you need to plan your visit accordingly. On the other side, museums and other tourist attractions follow the 10-6 routine and the visiting hours may get shortened during the weekends.


  1. Watch out for guides with blue badges

You may find numerous guides on your way through to various tourist attractions in Birmingham, but it’s always advisable to seek the service from the ones with special blue badges. These guides are the employees of the main tourist board, so the cost of their services is low in comparison to the ones coming from private firms.


  1. Food and drinks at reasonable rates

Birmingham is a heaven for tourists travelling on a budget. You can save a lot of money while binging on the food and drinks available at the local pubs at reasonable rates. Moreover, the pubs and restaurants around the countryside also offer some great food at really cheaper prices.


  1. Carry your own power adaptor

The standard voltage for power supply in Birmingham is 240V, and the tourists would find standard three-pin sockets in most of the hotels. Hence, the tourists are required to carry their own power adaptor in order to charge or play their devices here.


  1. Renting a car

Any person over 21 years with an international driving license can rent a car in Birmingham. Moreover, there are few other Car rental offices that allow this facility to a person over 25 years of age.



Birmingham is a beautiful city which comes over as a real treat for many travellers around the world. Still, the tourists must follow all the above mentioned guidelines in order to avoid any kind of inconvenience during their journey.







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