Top Fashion Ideas for Spring


Spring is most people’s absolute favourite season, and the commonly accepted fashion styles of this season stand with that. From jewellery to shoes, some people spend a lot of time mixing, matching and choosing exactly what style goes with what colour in the spring. Fortunately, following a few simple guidelines can drastically minimise the amount of effort you have to put in to deciding your fashion for spring.


1: Jewellery and Accessories

Necklaces, bracelets/armbands, earrings of any shape, size and substance, handbags, belts, wallets, any kind of jewellery or accessory make an important complement to a particular style, and should not be overlooked. Everyone’s heard the old rule about having your belt complement your shoes, and everyone knows not to wear flashy golden hoop earrings in casual clothing like a T-shirt and jeans or a sleeve of wooden bracelets in a wedding dress or suit. You need to find what complements the rest of your outfit, including….


2: Colours and Styles of Clothing

In springtime, most people choose light, airy colours suitable for the warmer climate and relaxing atmosphere of the season. Comfort becomes a higher priority than warmth as winter fades, and blue, light green, yellow and white become more prominent amongst people. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone in the kind of winter clothing that you’d have found everywhere just a few months before, like thick coats or boots, all of them having been traded for spring fashions of floaty dresses, comfortable socks, hoodies, jeans or shorts, and T-shirts. And of course, possibly some of the most important apparel for spring…


3: Shoes

Comfortable shoes are a must-have for springtime fun. With the lengthening days and increasing amounts of light and warmth, not to mention the brilliant weather, going outside, whether it be for a quick walk, a jog around town, a picnic in the sun, or a fun-filled day out for the entire family. Of course, the type of shoes you’ll be looking for in the shops depends on what type of spring you’re expecting to have, such as exercise shoes for going to the gym, wellington boots for getting a jump on some spring gardening, or nice polished fancy shoes for a spring filled with office parties or extravagant events.









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