The Ultimate Guide for Parents Who Travel for Work


As we progress in the modern world, working for adults has become a necessity more than a choice. Whether you want to make your ends meet or simply to provide and pamper your children with the facilities they deserve. 

Whether you are going for the perfect wine tours in Spain or to your lake house in Seattle, managing your children can be quite easy with a bit of help and care. However, traveling for the sake of work can become quite difficult with kids by your side especially if your children are very small. 

Not to mention the hardship of single parents and their concern when it comes to leaving their little ones for work-related travel. 

Ultimate Tips to Keep Up With Your Children While on Business Travel 

As much as work is important, it is also important to stay in touch with your family while you are on the go. Let’s talk about a few things that you need to do to stay in touch with your children and also keep you updated about what is going back there. 

Inform the Family about the Travel 

It might seem like something that could give your children anxiety, it is important that you inform them about your upcoming travel away from home. Tell them good things about the area and how your trip will go on. 

For kids, a little older to understand, show them the place on a map and make them realize how you would be connected with them throughout the trip. 

While you are at it, ensure everybody in the family knows what and when you are traveling for work. Making a calendar with your family and reviewing it alongside them so they understand what you are up to. 

Prepare everything that might be required by your children in advance: for example check the school work being up to date, sign in all the required documents to make sure that your children don’t miss out on anything while you are away.

Baby Sitter Alert 

One of the most important things that most working parents do worry about is leaving their child with someone untrustworthy. As you are leaving, it is important that you consider your child’s opinion on who they want as a caretaker. 

Not everyone in the family is trustworthy and no one likes to take care of children. Look for people who actually have a good bond with you over time and they would be glad to host your children. 

While you might not have a problem with someone but your young one must feel uncomfortable around their presence. It’s not a good thing giving your child anxiety by leaving and on top of that leave those with their most dreaded acquaintance. 

Spare Some Family Time 

Dedicate 100% (or more) of your attention to your family especially children before you set out to earn profits. If you are short on time, focus on giving your family the undivided and quality time that they deserve. 

If you are not able to attend them completely, it might put them off and this will obviously leave you with a feeling of guilt trapped inside of you. To avoid all that, it is important that you spend generous and sincere time with your little one making sure that he lets you leave with a happy face. 

Regular Contact with Your Child 

Try contacting your child and caretaker daily during your trip. Regular talks will let your kid hear your voice and encourage everyone to discuss their day and speak about their issues. Try to talk to the kids each day except when it’s too close to bedtime.

 It is important that you rather leave them during those days to their night rituals to encourage them to relax. Even then, it is important to keep your spouse or caretaker in constant communication. 

If the traveling parent and the parent left at home are on the same page as they do, it will make the experience for everyone better.

Don’t Frustrate Your Child 

Calling or contacting constantly may make separation painful for children and make your partner irritated. There may also be too much exposure to or from the home to your work tasks because you will not be as concentrated and your child will likely get telephone calls for anything if he or she can reach you some time. Stay in touch, however, restrict access and allow the one in charge to cope with domestic situations.

Leaving your child unattended without a goodbye might also pear in some separation anxiety for your child. In this scenario, make sure that you promise them a quick return and also fun-time as soon as you land. Separation anxiety might become a significant cause of under-confidence and phobias in your child. 

Come home with lots of love (and presents) 

After your very hectic professional trip, it is obvious that you might want to rush home and relax within the presence of your loved ones. 

However, keep in mind that there might be a lot of things that your children might be looking forward to sharing with you. In this scenario, don’t ask your kids to leave your side and spend a good 15 20 minutes with them. 

From your exciting trip abroad, make sure that you bring something of some value for your child as well as postcards so they can understand the value of hard work and how having a good career helps your flourish. 


Unlike your very own wine tour in Spain, where your kids are allowed to join you, work travels are different. 

Leaving your family behind is not at all something that many people look at but giving your children enough time and a promise to stay in touch can help them deal with it. 

Make sure that you stay in touch with your children during the trip and upon your safe arrival spend a short amount of quality time with them to make them feel wanted.







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