Can I File a Personal Injury Claim for My Construction Accident?




Serious injuries can occur when accidents happen on construction sites. Either the individuals working there or those passing by can be victims of the situation. There are legal options that one can pursue afterward in order to recover financial compensation. Among them, is an individual injury lawsuit, or an employee’s reimbursement claim. Read through the steps to follow for an overview on the whole process.


Where Exactly Did the Injury Occur?

Construction is one of the most hazardous sectors to work in. The work involves hard labor, and the danger intensifies when high heights or heavy machinery come into the equation. Bystanders are also at serious risk due to falling objects. The list of hazards in a construction site is endless. History has records of workers who have obtained severe injuries or even lost their lives working in the construction industry.

However, it is possible to make a construction site safe for the workers and those passing by. Safety agencies are always on the frontline to ensure that all employees observe all the necessary standards. Getting a personal injury lawyer is prudent when pursuing legal options after suffering an injury.

Besides protecting the workers, personal injury law plays a primary role in enhancing the construction industry’s safety. It is responsible for prosecuting and penalizing the lawbreakers. You have the liberty to sue when you suffer injuries, regardless of whether you are an employee at the site or not. 


Construction Worker Injuries

There are four distinct classes of construction injuries. The categories have been critical in causing the highest number of workers deaths. They include being stuck, getting hit by falling objects, falling, and getting electrocuted.

It is advisable to note that as a worker, you may not be limited to a workers comp claim. You can also seek the representation of a personal injury lawyer if the situation allows. It is, therefore, inadvisable to overlook construction injuries, however slight they may look.


Employee’s Compensation

Every state has a support system that oversees the worker’s compensation process. Regarding the rules, whenever one gets injured at work, he or she is eligible for reimbursement regardless of whether it was a case of negligence. With workers’ compensation cases, there is the very real chance of substandard compensation for the employees compared to a personal injury lawsuit.


What Does a Personal Injury Lawsuit Consist Of?

Not every case that an injured worker presents qualifies for personal injury compensation. There might be variations when you move from one state to another. However, worker’s compensation directives apply between an employee and the immediate employer. Therefore, it is prudent for the worker to know when they can sue outside of the work comp system.


What Are Non-Worker Injuries?

There is the possibility of non-workers getting injuries on construction sites, despite not being part of the construction team. Objects falling from high buildings are a potential risk to non-workers passing nearby. For example, an innocent child playing near the site and debris falls and hits them.

To safeguard the wellbeing of the non-workers, the contractor is responsible for creating awareness of the hazards of construction sites. Besides erecting warning signs, the contractors should go the extra mile to ensure that safety is paramount. However, non-workers have the obligation of being cautious in such environments.



In conclusion, the laws that govern workers’ construction injuries are there to protect each individual. Arm yourself with facts about a personal injury lawyer, and educate those close to you. Now that you know about lawsuits, never take any injury lightly as most of them come with hefty compensation. However, it is advisable to follow all guidelines to protect yourself from injuries. If you are nursing an injury, it is time to take the right channel and file a lawsuit.









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