The Truth About Relationships in a Covid World


I have no idea how I have managed getting through lockdown with ten children. The impending feelings of doom I had as the rumoured shutdown of the country loomed closer and closer were enough to send my anxiety into space faster than any of Elon Musk’s creations.

As the rest of the UK embraced the opportunity to hone its banana bread making skills, I had to adapt to four walls, ten kids and no coffee shops to provide my daily skinny vanilla cappuccino fix. While my bank account fared well, I have to admit, my longing for adult company grew with each passing week of lockdown.

I know I am not the only one to have dealt with challenges this year. At least I was not stuck in the house with the ex-husband, so leaving me very thankful for small mercies such as that.

How I do feel for those stuck in bad relationships who have had to endure being trapped even moreso than usual during the last few months. Even those in good, solid relationships will have found it challenging, I expect. There is only so much you can take of being confined within a small space with someone – anyone – no matter how much you love them. Or how much you did before lockdown was enforced, that is!

Ah, listen to the cynic! I can be positive, of course I can! I mean, what about the dating world? Let us talk about this, shall we?

For those of trying to embrace  single life by dipping  toes into the world of dating, it has been another challenge completely.

Or has it?

The ever growing popularity of online dating through sites like Match Me Happy means we no longer have to anticipate bumping into Mr Right in the supermarket tea and coffee aisle. Not that this strategy was working out too well to begin with anyway, I have to admit. Then again, that could have been the result of an over-caffeinated nervous twitch developed by regular visits to that section of the shop. Who knows? And who is to judge anyway?

I digress.

Lockdown put an end to real life meet ups and dates with a vengeance. But still, our little swiping fingers got a workout and we did still take screen grabs to send to our friends with a, ‘What about this one?’ to run past them. The only thing is we just couldn’t actually meet with anyone and check them out in real life. Which is half the fun, let’s face it.

What is not fun, however, is all the added bits and pieces these sites tend to throw in that they ask for your hard earned money for.


Do not do it.

Look out for a free dating site to sign up to and use instead of one that asks for your cash for every little thing. Just think of all that extra coffee you can buy in the supermarket tea and coffee aisle with the money you save…








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