Should You Use a Lawyer for a Drunk and Disorderly Charge?

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Partying is a habit embraced by many in various cities for many years. Perhaps as a result, drunk and disorderly charges are among the most frequent criminal charges. Whenever you get drunk as the party goes overboard, you are likely to lose control of your actions, which then makes you disorderly. However, you can win such a case in court and get out a free man. 

There are no regulations for alcohol consumption in most places, but the aftermath tends to be a different story. If you get arrested for a drunk and disorderly case, numerous risks come into play. Among them is your criminal record, reputation, and professional image. Getting an experienced attorney gives you better chances of winning such a case. However, your lawyer should apply superior strategies to help you safeguard your record. 

How Police Assess Being Drunk and Disorderly

In your strategy of fighting the charges, it is prudent to be familiar with the facts about the process. The police officer that arrests you makes his assessment based on his point of view. That means it is a personal judgment. 

The officer proceeds to make the arrest if he rules out that you are not under the influence of alcohol. His judgment, however, should prove that your intoxication puts you and others at risk. Even if your drunkenness does not bother other individuals, being excessively drunk is a potential threat to your safety. 

The police employ some primary assessment procedures to confirm whether an individual is drunk. Among the observations, he checks whether your eyes are bloodshot or extremely red. If you stumble as you walk or are rowdy, and your breath smells of alcohol, the officer is likely to charge you with drunk and disorderly

Your interaction with the police can influence the way they assess you. Note that, the officer’s report is final, and so it is advisable to be cautious during the procedure. They do not have to use a breathalyzer to ascertain that you are intoxicated and file charges. 

Understand the Legal Defense Option 

An attorney can employ numerous strategies to help with the case. For starters, he can make the argument that the defendant did not deserve the charges for his or her intoxication level. The lawyer should prove beyond reasonable doubts that it was unwarranted to consider the respondent drunk and disorderly. 

The attorney can also make an effort to prove that the defendant was not in a public place even though he was drunk. The option works perfectly if the officers arrested you around a residential area or your home. The lawyer can negotiate to have the charges dropped for lack of sufficient evidence. 

Proving that the police did not exercise due diligence during the arrest is a strategy for winning the case. The option can be challenging as it comes to your word against the arresting officer’s. It is, therefore, advisable to know which option to go for when faced with such charges. Your attorney’s point of action relies on your remembrance as well as your conduct during the arrest. 

Even with all the strategies, a reputable attorney is a primary piece of your defense. One fact is clear: There is no specific procedure for dealing with such charges. Therefore, you cannot rely on an option that worked for someone else, hoping that it will also work in your case. Each situation presents a unique status and strategy. Your attorney can assess your case to devize the right approach. 

Are You Facing Drunk and Disorderly Charges? 

If you have a case in court, or someone you know is in such a situation, consult a reputable lawyer for help. Never allow a single night of partying to ruin your reputation. Your attorney will go a long way toward helping you maintain your public image. 

In conclusion, just like with any other crime, drunk and disorderly charges have ruined people’s careers and reputations for many years. Fortunately, numerous individuals have gone through the process and come out clean. With a good lawyer, your charges should not destroy your reputation.








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