Ideas for the Perfect Summer Garden

Another summer is here and almost gone. Perhaps you liked the weather but feel that your garden could be better designed for use during these months. In this short guide, we’ll look at different ways to enhance your garden for summer use! 

First of all, water features are a fantastic way of adding more life to your garden. Among the options worth considering are pots & troughs, spherical water features, water blades and stone fountains. There are also features available in a range of different designs whether of flowers, fairies or animals. Water features are also a great way to attract birds.

On this subject, bird feeders are available in various different sizes and styles. The designs available include ground, tube, suet, window and traditional seed feeders. You may also be interested in designing a bird feeder by yourself! To construct a bird feeder DIY, you could use a plastic bottle, mason jar or even an old shoe. Another interesting approach is to use macramé to hold an orange skin in place with bird seeds in it.

An essential for any image of summer is a colourful array of flowers and potted plants. There are plenty of ways to position these throughout a garden. For example, you could create various rows of flower beds. If you choose to, it’s best to have the plants gain in height with the shortest plants in the first row and the tallest plants right at the back. 

Plants such as those with blue contrasting colours are perfect for creating a focal point. Ideally this should be in the centre of the last row. In terms of plant pots, these can be positioned in various spots throughout a garden. Any flowers or potted plants should feature colours which complement their surrounding space.

You might also be interested in having a new patio laid. Patios have gained in popularity because of their durability. They are also an appealing alternative to a glass surface or decking. They consist of concrete slabs and can offer a perfect spot for relaxing in the sun on a hot summer’s day! The total cost of laying a patio will vary depending on the size of the area you wish to have covered and the material costs. For a 20 square metre area, the price may vary from £1500 to £2200 while for a 40 square metre area, you can expect to pay anywhere between £2750 and £4000, taking into account the types of concrete you might need. 

If you have children, some examples of play equipment for kids worth considering are play tents and tunnels, swings, seesaws, climbing frames, a football goal or a rope & ball tether swing game for tennis.

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