Five Creative Home Makeovers

Decorating your home can be an exciting task and there are quite a few creative interior updates that you can do to make a big difference. 

Helping you to build a space to share with your family and friends and to fall in love with your home all over again.


Go Green

Decorating with nature can be a really beautiful way to transform your home. If you have a garden that’s starting to bloom, why not bring a selection of flowers. They instantly brighten up any room, making delightful centerpieces. If you don’t have any vases lying around, use small glasses or bottles of various shapes and sizes, creating a rustic look.

Indoor and hanging plants are a great addition to any home, not only do they make your space look more beautiful, but they can also boost our wellbeing, improve air quality and make us feel uplifted.


Add A Water Feature

Not only does an Indoor Fountain add aesthetic, complementing and enhancing the décor and interior styling. They also provide a calming sound of water trickling, which creates relaxing ambience for any room. Known for the harmonious energy they are also known to improve air quality. Choose an indoor feature from that will create an atmosphere in your home.


Refresh The Walls

Paint and wallpaper are some of the most simple yet effective tools at your disposal when deciding to do a home makeover. Colour is a powerful tool, it can affect our mood, it creates energy and is key in creating an atmosphere. It is incredible how different a room can look after applying a fresh coat of paint or after adding some feature wallpaper. 

A fresh coat of paint with a bold colour can make a room look rich or painting it white will create the illusion of the room being more spacious than it is. Consider creating a statement wall, it can make a major change with little effort.


Add Art

A simple yet effective way to create a modern look in your home is by adding art. Art is great as it gives character and personality to the room and it comes in many forms; pictures, statues, knick-knacks and more. Start with a few pieces and work with your existing collection or get some photographs printed, as you begin to build up your collection. 

Think about creating a gallery wall, it’s all about bringing together your favourite pieces that also showcase your personality. Experiment with different styles and types of wall art, don’t be afraid to mix bold block-colour prints, bright quirky patterns, typography images or your favourite family photos.



Another great way to add colour to the room is with cushions, curtains or throws. Print or patterned curtains can add a splash of colour, adding a lot of personality to a room. 

Candles are a staple in creating an atmosphere but it’s also worth noting that the scents you choose also affect mood. Infusing scent into your décor with candles or incense changes the overall feeling of a space. 


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