5 Speed Cleaning Hacks For When You’re In A Hurry

speed cleaning

You know how it is when you get that last-minute call letting you know that an unexpected visitor is on their way. Typically, it never happens when you’ve just finished cleaning and tidying. Oh no, there’s never a witness for those moments. But decide to chill out and prioritise Netflix over vacuuming and washing up and you can bet your life the world and his wife wants to drop by.


Right… now!

Here are our top five speed cleaning hacks for a quick and easy spruce up that will take next to no time…


Keep all your cleaning products in a portable caddy

Make sure you store all cleaning sprays, cloths, glass cleaners and polish in a dedicated caddy or box with handles in an easily accessible place. Having the benefit of being able to grab everything you need at once and zoom from room to room saves time from the off.


Forget the broom

The vacuum cleaner is faster and more effective when you’re in a rush and it’s not just for carpets. Wood flooring will benefit from a quick hoover around too, so put that dustpan and brush away and get vacuuming! Speed cleaning at its finest!


Spray and go

Dart around kitchen and bathroom surfaces with the cleaning spray and leave it to work as you tackle something else in another room. When you return to give the surfaces a wipe down any stubborn dirt and grime will wipe away more easily thanks to the spray having had time to work away at it.


Clean the kitchen sink

A clean kitchen sink makes all the difference to the look of the kitchen so wash up, clean out and give it a good shine up.


Out of sight

Get the clutter out of sight. Anyone else used to doing the ‘throw everything in a cupboard or drawer’ manoeuvre? Well done. You’ve got this already! What are you even reading this for?


What is your favourite speed cleaning hack? We’d love to hear it so let us know in the comments below!







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