Creating the perfect study environment for each child


To be able to succeed at school or college your child needs to have somewhere to study at home. In a world where children are being given more homework and are starting at a younger age, this is becoming increasingly important.

Provide them with the right digital tools

These days, most of your child’s schoolwork is digitally based, which means that they need access to the right apps and software. It is well worth investing in grammar, plagiarism checking and research programs that are designed to make it easier for your children to write their essays. A well-researched, grammatically correct piece that does not simply copy what others have said about a subject will secure a higher grade. 

Which digital tools each of your children will need depends, at least in part, on what they are studying. So, take the time to speak to their teachers about what they need and do your utmost to provide it for them. In most cases, there will be free software or apps available that do the job.

Buy the right equipment for them

Each of your children needs access to a laptop or computer. The space they work in should be well lit and have a comfortable chair but a full home office for them really isn’t necessary. It also needs to be set up in a way that enables them to work without having to sit in a way that puts a strain on their body.

If they need any other equipment, buy that for them too. For example, here is a list of what a math student would need.

Make sure the space you provide is quiet

Try to set their desk up in a quiet part of the house. If your child shares a room with a sibling, it might be better to create a study space in the dining room. Quite a few families change the space under the stairs into an office that the kids can take turns to use. This short video provides examples of how this can be done.

How to cheaply source what you need

Most of the above can be done without your having to spend a lot of money to do so. If you are living on a really tight budget your child’s school may be able to provide you with some of the more expensive items, for example, laptops. Or, failing that, point you in the direction of another organization that will do so. Leasing may be another option. 

In most areas, you can easily pick up a secondhand desk, chair, and lamp. Some recycling centers even give these items away for free. 

Make sure your child does not need glasses

It is worth sending your child for an eye test. That way if they need glasses or contact lenses you can find that out before their schoolwork starts to suffer and they begin to fall behind.

Again, if your child does need glasses and you cannot afford to buy them, you can usually get them via a help group. Many opticians also provide low-cost frames and the facility for some clients to pay monthly. Not all of them advertise this fact but many will happily do so if asked. 








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