Top Child Friendly Apps


Parents can relate to the calming effects an exciting distraction has on children. Whether your child is pre-school level or lower grade, you can always bank on a cool app to keep them engaged while you complete important tasks in the house. Here is a list of the most popular child friendly apps you can install on your smartphone.


Hoopa City

Hoopa is an advanced app for middle school kids that stimulates their imagination with a journey through different structures that constitute the infrastructure and industry within a typical city. Children develop their problem-solving skills by completing a challenge to construct a fictional city.


Safari Tales

The Safari app depicts an adventure in the African savanna, where children encounter the animals and vegetation one would expect to see during a safari. It offers a wide range of games that allow children to interact with the animals and the environment in a savanna setting. It is a great way of whetting their spirit of adventure.



This app offers a fun approach to math learning targeted at kindergarten kids. It uses engaging graphics and illustrations to demonstrate mathematical concepts. It is an excellent way of introducing your child to math by making it fun. It also has several exercises, such as patterns and sequences that enhance their cognitive development.



Hopster is a streaming service that users subscribe to access ad-free child-friendly content. It is an entertainment service that provides music, shows and educational content.


Sizzle & Stew

All children like to play mum and dad games. There is no better app for doing this than Sizzle & Stew as it allows two players to participate in a cooking contest. Children play using graphical versions of kitchenware and food.


The Human Body

For those parents with intermediate-grade kids, there is no better way of priming them for their science lessons than the Human Body app. It lets them understand the names and functions of different parts of the body. It features sleek graphics that help children understand the locations of various organs and differentiate their roles.


Jungle Time

Children learn to tell the time in the lower grades, but you can prime your preschooler with this app. It teaches kids how to tell different times of the day in a very engaging way.


Pirate treasure hunt

This is an app that teaches children how to explore different environments while searching for valuable items. Kids engage in a treasure hunting adventure where they are rewarded for completing a task. It is a fun and engaging game that develops children’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


Play 123

Play 123 is a Google app explicitly designed for pre-school kids. It features most of the shapes and figures they learn at this level. It is valuable for teaching basic language skills such as spelling, naming and drawings of animals and objects. It is a very colorful app that keeps children hooked for as long as you like.


Lexi’s World

Lexi is a language learning tool where children practice spelling. Kids spell out words on the screen to activate images of the object or animal they have in mind. If the spelling is right, the object appears on the screen.


Bottom Line

Most of the apps mentioned above provide a collection of games and educational content that is safe and engaging for children. Majority of them are available on iOS and Android. In case you cannot access any of the games on your android phone, you can always buy a second hand iPhone at Compare My Mobile. The site offers a platform where verified sellers and recyclers can sell second hand smartphones at highly discounted prices.








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