Revamp Your Home This Spring


At this time of year, many of us have started thinking about doing a Spring Clean, usually this involves cleaning the house from top to bottom getting into all of those little nooks and crannies that haven’t been properly cleaned since the last Spring Clean! Giving the house a proper clean may be all that is needed to give your home a new lease of life, but for lots of us, it can take a little more than that. If you are looking to make some small changes around the home that won’t break the bank, read on for a short list of inspiration, tips or ‘Springspiration’.. sorry!!!



If you have carpeting, you’ll know all too well how having old, worn out or dated carpets can have a huge detrimental effect on the overall look of your home. By replacing your carpets, your home can look like it has had a complete makeover. When it comes to colour, most of us tend to go with neutral colours, especially in high traffic areas of the home, but why not try something a little different to add a pop of colour like the ice cream colours that are on trend at the moment. 

When buying new carpets, it’s worth paying a little extra to make sure that they have durability. Cheap carpets can wear badly and quickly for that matter.

If you don’t have carpets but want to give your floors a new lease of life, why not look at adding or changing the rugs in your home. By adding a new, bright and vibrant rug, you can really pull the look of a whole room together.



It might not be the first thing that you would think of when it comes to revamping your home, but you shouldn’t underestimate how much effect changing the style of your radiators can have. It’s quite often an option that is overlooked as it is viewed as being too costly, but in fact, there are many affordable options out there like the range available from Trade Radiators.

Why not think outside the box and look at replacing your standard plain white radiator (which is fine, and often an update on your old one will do), with a retro cast iron one or even look at a coloured option that ties in with the décor of the room. Something that will give you some serious style points.



This is an obvious one, but a new, fresh coat of paint can really refresh and update a tired looking room at not much of a cost.

If an entire paint job is out of the question, why not just paint the woodwork and skirting boards or even a single feature wall.  This will help to draw attention away from less appealing areas of a room.

Tip: check out Bullnose skirting from Skirting World. It’s super easy to keep clean due to the simplicity of the design and also a breeze to paint.

Remember, it’s not always the inside of your home that could use some tlc, when was the last time you thought about giving your front door a fresh coat of paint? If you have ever looked at those bright, colourful front doors you see around and thought that you would love to try that, why not go for it and make your home a great first impression to your guests.

Whatever area you choose to focus on in your home, by making small changes, you’ll really notice the difference.





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