Common questions families ask about VA disability


Over 1.4 million people are serving in the military in 471,990 troops. Serving in the military has a lot of benefits for you and your family meant to provide financial assistance. Like most VA’s, you may come back with a condition or disability that makes it impossible for you to perform normal work. Without fully understanding the disability benefits, you will be unable to get the financial help you need. These most frequently asked questions about VA disability will give you a head start. 

  1.     What benefits are available to you?

VA disability varies widely depending on your service, discharge situation, and your needs. The most common benefit is the home loan program. Through this benefit, you can consolidate your debt, buy a home, or refinance an existing home loan. You might also be eligible for disability benefits that provide monthly financial assistance, pension benefits, and healthcare for you and your family. This depends on how long you served. You can have both VA and social security disability going at the same time, which is very common with most veterans. The service-connected disability compensation is not calculated based on your income, which makes it possible for you to receive both at the same time. Usually, the SSA will expedite your claim if you have 100% VA P & T compensation or if your impairment is related to combat.

  1.     How do you file for VA disability claim?

Filing for VA disability was a lot easier in the past. All you had to do was write your claim on a piece of paper. But like any other claim today, it has become more complicated than that. First, you need to file an informal claim using a VA form and then let the VA develop evidence meant to support your claim. They must assist you in this phase. The VA will then decide whether there is merit for your application by sending you to a C&P examiner or a compensation and pension doctor. The VA will then approve or deny your claim. If your request is rejected, or you are not satisfied with the decision, you can appeal. 

  1.     Will your spouse have access to your benefits?

Benefits available to your spouse vary. For example, some spouses have access to education and career counseling while others do not, while some may be eligible for VA home loans. Ex-spouses usually have fewer benefits, but some may have access to healthcare and pension. Your spouse should visit the VA and find out the benefits available to them. If they are registered in the military personnel system, the process will be easier. 

  1.     When do you file for your claim?

It’s best to file within the first year of leaving the service, but sometimes the conditions are only diagnosed years after you left service. If this is the case, file as soon as you suspect your situation is related to combat. 

During service, you don’t get enough time with their family. Although the benefits you receive won’t compensate for the time, it will help make your stay home better as you finally enjoy time your loved ones.

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