How to Free Up Time to Spend With Your Family



In the modern era, we’re constantly pushed to use our time as effectively as possible. Buffeted between work and family responsibilities – and with household maintenance and administrative chores always on the horizon – it can feel like a rarity to spend a peaceful and fulfilling time with our family. It’s the objective of this article to help you carve out increasing periods of time to spend with your family, showing you mechanisms by which you can offload and outsource your obligations to concentrate on what really matters. 


Calendar Planning

Every family owns a calendar with a lot of important scribblings on it. With busy grown-ups heading to work and kids going on school trips and to after-school clubs, there’s lots to factor into everyday life. However, just because you’re using a calendar doesn’t mean you’re going to be making the very most of your time.

In order to do that, you should consider making an online calendar that’s shared with your entire family’s smart devices. That way, you’re all able to work on the same page, with an understanding of who will be doing what – and when, and where. What’s wonderful about shared calendars is that you’ll suddenly be aware of the two-hour windows that do exist in your days in which your whole family doesn’t have any obligations. You can thus make exciting plans in these moments, with your family. 



So much of the business world is becoming automated in the modern era, it’s only logical that the same trend plays out in the home, too. For instance, smart technology for the home has enabled such innovations as the smart washing machine and clothes dryer – things that can help you get on top of your household responsibilities in far less time than they usually consumed. Make sure you’re fitting the latest tech in this regard, make finding the best appliance installation a priority to make more time to spend with your family. 

Meanwhile, there’s technology to help you run your accounts in an automated fashion, which means that you’ll not be required to perform so much administrative labour in your home – and there’s other smart tech options – like home delivering a weekly shop of food for instance – that’ll further cut down the time you’re obliged to perform family duties instead of spending quality time with your family. Be cognizant of all of these benefits in order to bring them into your own life and home. 


Workplace Conversations

At one time in our careers, we’re inspired to get ahead by putting in the extra hours at the office that’ll place us in the forefront of our bosses’ minds when it comes to promotions. As family enters the picture, though, this ambition can be turned down a notch or two as we find ourselves re-evaluating our circumstances, our objectives and the ways in which we would most like to spend our time. 

When it comes to thinking about how much time you spend at work, then, it’s worth having an open and honest conversation with superiors about the possibility of working fewer hours in order to spend time with the people you love and cherish the most. It’s not uncommon for these conversations to take place in the workplace; you might even be offered a work-from-home option that you perform for half of the week in order to be closer to your nearest and dearest while you perform your workplace duties without suffering the commute into work. 



When holiday season arrives – be that in the winter or the summer season – it’s important to align all of your family’s time off so that you’re able to go away on terrific holidays that’ll live long in your family’s memories. Don’t be complacent when it comes to booking time off: it’s difficult to book holiday when it’s already close to the end of your children’s summer term. You need to be on top of this in order to enjoy the time off you deserve with your nearest and dearest. 

Outside of holiday periods, though, you should still plan ample weekends away each year – at the beach, or in a new city – to get away from all the stresses and obligations at home and to merely enjoy the company of your loved ones. Make sure you’re booking plenty of these in to concentrate on the finer things in life. 

When it comes to spending more time with your family, the tips above are designed to help you eke out extra moments with your children and partner from your hectic and busy schedule.










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