Bye bye minimalism: eye-catching decor ideas for your stylish interiors


The saying more is less may apply to some things in life but for us, interior design is not one of them. Nowadays, a lot of houses you see are awash with monochrome detail and as pleasant as those whites and greys may be, we love the mismatched homes most. The ones brimming with identity – just like the clothes you wear, the style of your home can be a great way to express yourself.


Let it shine

One of the most stunning touches you can add to the inside of your home is some eye-catching shine. This can be in the form of chrome furnishing, bronze furniture, crystal accessories, chandeliers, or even decorative pieces and accents made from brass or steel. Such simple touches but they’re sure to inspire even the hardiest of guests.


Wave white away

While white walls may be practical in allowing you to change the theme of the room easily, mural wallpaper is becoming increasingly popular. Expecially some abstract designs like Pink marble design. Go for an unusual print, or if you’re feeling that brave, choose an attractive pattern or design with bright colours. You can choose pieces that are inspired by nature or something unique, such as abstract forms. This will quickly turn your walls into a spectacular work of art.


Light up

Lighting is paramount to the final look of any interior design project. You need to get it right. Lights that are of unusual design and extraordinary are the ones to go for. Chandeliers from brands such as Pagazzi call for attention and will attract focus upward. Pendant lamps are another great choice for modern homes, and the fancier, the better.


Get creative

Alternative framed artwork always makes for an interesting addition to any home. Branch out further than your usual framed pictures and go for something like plates, interesting designs can be found in just about any antique shop – this way, you know nobody else is going to have the same display. Before you go ahead and hang the plates, lay them out on the ground until you find a layout you’re happy with. To hang them, use sleek hangs that can be attached to the back of the plates.


Own artwork

If you want to get even craftier than plate decor, create your very own art. There really is no better way to make a room feel more personal and intimate and this way, you will add something that genuinely does represent you. Now, you don’t have to be Van Gogh to do this, a simple doodle on some A4 paper will suffice, or, if you have kids, you could get them to help – they’d love it!

If you’re conscious about the size of your home or are constantly wishing a certain room was bigger, go for softer, lighter colours. Doing this will allow the walls to reflect light, creating the illusion of more space. But in reality, the size of your home is not important when it comes to interior design.  Just follow your heart!








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