Victorian Vibe Check: What to Expect From Melbourne’s Various Areas


Victoria has the hearts of many Australian and international visitors, with Melbourne at the top of many bucket lists for its exciting seasonal events and diverse beauty. It’s not a case of ‘why’ when considering a trip to Melbourne, but ‘where’ as there are so many areas that claim to be the best example of the city’s soul. If you have a trip to Melbourne planned and are unsure which way your tram should be heading, we’ve compiled a summary of what you can expect from those hot spots that you have always wanted to visit.

Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market has the people of Melbourne salivating every time the 58 tram rolls past. It’s home to some of Melbourne’s best butchers, bakers and confectionaries, with cafes and handmade goods as far as the eye can see. If you find yourself there in winter and spring, you may even be able to head to the Night Markets which offer a collection of delicious food and drinks from all cultures. This location is close to some premium serviced apartments in Melbourne, as well as Flagstaff Gardens which is a beautiful park with lawn bowls and bar area that you won’t regret visiting.

Brighton Bathing Boxes

The Brighton Bathing Boxes are a sight for sore eyes, with each box in a unique colour scheme and design. These bathing boxes are located in the beautiful Brighton area and can be rented for a day at the beach. If you have been to Melbourne a few times but haven’t got out of the city, this is a great way to spend the day, especially if you visit one of the fantastic fish and chip outlets in the area to have lunch on the beach. If you want to check out all the beaches in Melbourne, you can continue on your tour of the South and visit the other beaches in Brighton or dart over to St Kilda or Elwood to see even more surf and sand.


Fitzroy is known for its edgy atmosphere and alternative stores, with Smith Street and Brunswick Street the most eclectic of them all. You won’t be bored spending a day or even a weekend in this northern suburb, although you might find it slightly more expensive than other areas in Melbourne due to its popularity. The Rose Street Markets is a fun destination on the weekends, with local makers showcasing their arts and crafts in an indoor/outdoor setting. There is also restaurants and bars in this space, so you can take your time seeing it all. Another fantastic place to have a drink and a feed is Naked For Satan in the heart of Brunswick Street, with the rooftop bar giving you one of the best views of the city.

Laneways and high-rises

The Melbourne CBD is a living and breathing force, and can literally change before your eyes. It’s quite common to see a number of artists scattered around the city and putting their mark on buildings and laneways, reinforcing the urban grunge of this incredible city. You can never wander the laneways too many times as there are always new things to see, and new cafes to eat at. There are also some great things to be seen many floors above, with Eureka Tower offering an incredible experience to see the city from the highest point. If you like heights but love dining more, you can even have a meal or high tea at some of the premium hotels and restaurants in the area.

Every time you visit Melbourne you should be uncovering new sights and revisiting old loves. Melbourne offers to much to every traveller, with a dining scene that is inclusive of all cultures. Position yourself centrally so that you can see the best in the city.








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