The Best Spots to Capture Liverpool Through the Lens


Liverpool is known for many things, from its bounty of cultural landmarks and tourist destinations to its legendary status as the birthplace of the musical group the Beatles, which gives it a 100% higher Beatles-founding rate than anywhere else in the world.

With conveniently sized professional-level photo and video-capturing technology in every pocket, purse and hand in the country, every moment in a new place becomes an exciting opportunity for that perfect picture, such as jam-packed Instagrammable locations in Liverpool

For instance, take the Museum of Liverpool, one of the educated Liverpudlian’s most recent achievements, opening in 2011 and rapidly becoming a one-stop shop for education, entertainment and, of course, excellent pictures!

Or, if museums aren’t quite your thing, you can take a walk through the backroads and come up with gems like the Princes Dock Footbridge, a favourite of camera-happy tourists, or perhaps the Liverpool Chinese Arch, a local legend and one of the biggest (and most sparkly, when the sun goes down) arches of its type that you can find without buying a plane ticket to China itself!

For art of a slightly less orthodox type than you’d find in a museum, taking a quick stroll through Eberle or Bold Streets can give you a much wider perspective on what is possible in a mural, with hundreds of people collaborating through the years to build up layers and layers of beautiful artwork on every wall they can find, giving these places (and others, if you know where to find them) a whirl of colours and styles that any self-respecting photographer or social-media user would love to capture as much as possible! To finish off your trek through Liverpool’s artier side, the Fabric District is a constantly changing easel of wall art, where a painting will be there one day and covered up the next by something just as stylish. This makes it a perfect candidate for return visits in a week, a month, a year, any time!

If you’d like to link up your social media posts of Liverpool’s endless treasures with those of others taking the same journey, use the hashtag “#VIPLiverpool” to show people where you’ve been and what you’ve done, while looking over what everyone else has done as well!

Enjoy Liverpool!












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