Fly Fishing: Family Bonding Before the First Catch

Families that fish together stay together may not be the popular saying, but it does hold true. A fishing trip away from technology, obligations and other distractions allows the entire family to enjoy bonding time together.  In addition, fly fishing is an art that parents can teach their children, or even an activity they all learn together. Fly fishing with salmon flies requires more skill than other forms such as deep-sea fishing for grouper that just requires dropping the line to the bottom and waiting.  Catching fish can make a trip one to remember, but a lack of knowledge and preparation can put a damper on any fly fishing trip.

Researching a Species of Fish Helps You Appreciate Them More 

Researching the target fish species helps a lot. Just a little research and education can make it much easier to understand where the fish stay in a lake or the saltwater flats. Even on a highly dense salmon run, there are strict regulations so it’s crucial to know the right way to cast your salmon flies.

Understanding what lures and methods attract certain fish makes it far easier to catch them since you cater to their senses and reactions. For example with Grouper, pulling up on the line immediately when there is a hit significantly increases your chances of catching it.  When fly fishing with salmon flies, the goal of testing different salmon fly patterns is to see which ones best catch the curiosity of the fish or potentially agitate it. This means the salmon fly has to be much larger with bright colors so it will attract the fish. Doing research on these interesting (& delicious) aquatic creatures can create an element of excitement and anticipation before ever leaving the house. Strategizing as a family will help everyone understand the techniques and gear that work best as well as the ones they prefer. 

Prepping and Gathering Equipment

Successful fishing depends on preparation so put together a checklist to help not forget anything important. Even missing just one important item can impact the overall quality of the trip such as the right rod, tackle and other essentials like wood/charcoal for fires. This level of preparation is something children can model their own behavior off of going forward.  Further, some prep like fly tying can be a fun and educational family tradition. Not to mention, tying salmon fly patterns and other fishing flies is much more enjoyable than doing the bait cutting for deep sea fishing. 

Bring a Great Lunch to Fuel the Entire Family 

A long day of fishing requires nourishment so it’s crucial to make a great lunch to fuel everyone. Fishing is often in the sun which can lead to dehydration, dizziness and fatigue – the last thing anyone wants when a legendary fish hits their line. Some of the best fishing spots involve a hike, so energy is that much more vital. It is important to pack foods that are easy to eat, especially when hiking a long way. For dinner, catch and cook up the fresh fish almost immediately on a cast iron skillet over an open flame. Bonding time during meals can be memorable especially after a big catch. 

It might sound obvious, but if you go fishing unprepared you set yourself up to be bored, frustrated and even exhausted. Lack of research can lead to fundamental errors that will reduce the odds of catching any fish. Take your family on a fly fishing expedition but keep the above tips in mind to have the best time possible.

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