Tech for Seniors: What You Should Know



Technology and seniors are two words that are seen together more often as technology continues to advance rapidly. Though studies show that more and more seniors are jumping on the technology train, many aren’t convinced. They believe that technology is for the young — it has no place in their lives. However, there are quite a few reasons seniors should try to embrace some of the latest in tech.


It Makes Communication Simple

Even if you feel like you can’t handle the technology or you simply don’t want to, you at least need to have a mobile phone. This makes it easier to reach family and friends when you’re out and about during the day. Jitterbug Direct has the perfect phones for seniors, too. They are easy to operate and work well. They are also affordable and have screens that are easy to see.


To Track Your Fitness Goals

Like many seniors, you probably try your best to maintain an active lifestyle. But did you know you can use a simple cell phone app to set and track your fitness goals? It doesn’t even matter what form of exercise you choose to participate in.


It Lets You Exercise the Body and the Mind

While video games are thought to be rotting the minds of America’s youth, many nursing homes and assisted living centers have discovered that certain ones are good exercise for senior citizens — and not just for their bodies, but their minds too.

From Wii Fit Sports for physical activity to games like Tetris and Trivial Pursuit for mental exercise, video games are a form of technology that you might want to try out as a senior citizen.


It Improves Social Interaction and Keeping Up With Friends

One of the biggest benefits of technology for senior citizens is the ability to use video chatting and social media to interact with family and friends. With the push of a button, it’s easy to keep up with the lives of people you know anywhere in the world.

While social media and video chatting is no substitute for in-person interaction, they work to keep up with friends and family when a visit just isn’t possible. It’s also a great way for you to make new friends, just be careful who you share your information with and make sure to take safety internet classes before beginning.


Helps You Stay Safe

The days when you had no way of getting in touch with someone if you fell or had an accident and can’t get to your landline are long gone. In today’s modern world, you can get help at the touch of a button. These apps and inventions can help you age in place, delaying a move to a nursing home or assisted living center. This is one of the main benefits of modern technology for seniors such as yourself.

It’s important to note that the internet can be a dangerous place, so you should take classes and follow all internet safety rules before getting onto social media sites or even sharing screens via apps like Skype.

These are just a few of the benefits of technology to senior citizens, and a little bit about what you should know about them. Make sure to be safe no matter what form of technology you use and enjoy a modern world at the same time.

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