3 Great Present Ideas for the Busy Mum in your Life


Mums are constantly swamped with a never-ending to-do list. Sometimes, they can feel as if they’ve lost some of their personal identity and are instead now completely consumed with the role of mother. However, when an opportunity comes up to give them a few presents, it’s a great time to remind her that her interests and individuality matters greatly!

Consequently, here’re great present ideas for the busy mum in your life! 



Typical present ideas are typical for a reason – it’s because they have a long history of pleasing mums the world over. Flowers might seem like an uninspired choice, and obviously there’s a spectrum of success here. Therefore, try to go for flowers that’re perhaps seldom found or rarer than others to own. This will then emphasise how important mum is, so avoid standard garage flowers! 

Pick up something a little more exciting, such as sweet peas, for example. The more colour or scents the flowers exude, the better! You could get even more creative if your mum loves gardening too. Perhaps even seeds will suffice if your mum likes to grow things herself? There’s a lot of experimenting available in the flower niche, so definitely spend some time researching here and don’t use them as a last-minute cop out gift! 


A personal trainer

Mental health is rightly gaining more attention through the media and the topic is now at the fore of public consciousness. For mums, they can reach out with their phones and get support via text to air all their grievances. In the end, it’s important that a balance is struck between motherhood and personal improvement – family and personal goals can certainly coexist! 

Another way to destress though is by getting regular exercise and embarking on a fitness routine. Consequently, a good present idea is to book your mum in with a personal trainer. Many of them can even travel directly to their client’s home, and thereafter put mum through her paces with a series of exercises or enlighten them with a few healthy recipe ideas. People can feel fine when they’re fitter, and it could all inject some activity and excitement into the mum’s life too! 


Beauty kits

Mums certainly need to retain their sense of self, despite their duties with their family. Many of them may stay in their pyjamas all day, or not bother altering their look because the attention their kids require is just too demanding. It’s a shame only if the mum feels like she can’t be her true self when juggling motherhood.

Perhaps a beauty kit could work well here? They can be easily found online and shipped to your doorstep with a company like Parcel2Go, so consider investing in one. If the mum in your life wants the occasional night out with her pals or just simply wants to look the way she wants, helping her get back in touch with that way of life may be a touching gesture. 








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