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It’s 3:00am, the kids are in the car and your partner’s frantically searching for the passports – ahh, the joys of the annual family holiday. And you still have the airport to contend with. 

Surely it doesn’t have to be this stressful?! Well, consumer awareness campaign Travel Insurance Explained shares their tips for making sure your family holiday runs smoothly – you can thank them later! 


Setting your family holiday itinerary:

When it was just you and your partner you could go anywhere you wanted, but now you have the little ones to think about there’s considerations that should be made. Depending on the age of your children, are they realistically going to be able to endure a long-haul flight? If the answer is no, there are plenty of family-friendly resorts across Europe. Budget also plays a part in the decision making; an all-inclusive resort may be a little pricier but with food and drinks on offer regularly throughout the day it could save you a small fortune once you are there. Also, consider the surrounding area, whilst the complex may have plenty to keep the children entertained it is worth looking into what excursions are on offer. Sometimes companies will offer a discount for online bookings so this is something to look into if you want to keep the costs down. 


Budgeting for a family holiday:

Going away as a family is great, but it does mean everything is a little pricier as you have more people to cater for. Setting a budget is always a good place to start when planning your family holiday as it will not only save you time but also help to set realistic expectations of the holiday. When on holiday, set a spending limit for each day and ‘roll over’ any money you didn’t use the previous day. This way you won’t spend all your money in the first few days of your holiday. 



Bickering and the odd argument are inevitable on a family holiday so it is important for the adults to have each other’s back to diffuse the situation quickly. It’s also a good idea to split tasks between you so one person it not left to plan everything for the holiday. 

When you arrive at your accommodation – and any places you visit throughout your holiday, set a meeting spot that the children can easily recognise. If they get split up from you tell them to head to the spot and wait for you to meet them. Tourist areas can get incredibly busy so it is best to be prepared. 


Planning your family holiday:

When it comes to planning the family holiday, nothing keeps you more on track than a list. Jot down everything you need to do prior to travelling and ensure you check-in regularly to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. Top of the list should be travel insurance, passports and boarding passes. 


Family travel insurance: 

Believe it or not, travel insurance should be purchased as soon as you have booked your holiday. If you buy a single trip policy, you will be covered from the purchase date meaning if you need to cancel you won’t be left out of pocket. Multi-trip policies are slightly different and will start from the date on the policy, so it is best to set this as the date you buy the insurance and NOT the date you travel because you won’t be covered for cancellation prior to your trip if your policy hasn’t started.

It is important to check the cover levels when you buy a policy. No two travel insurance policies are the same so take some time looking into the cover you will get if you need to make a claim. A generally rule is, the cheaper the policy the less cover it will have. Look out for excesses too – these will be per person, per claim unless stated otherwise in the terms and conditions. 

There are also some travel insurance policies that will cover additional things like; pre-paid excursions and vaccinations if you have to cancel your holiday, connecting flights and cover if you are delayed coming home and need to leave your pet in the kennel for a day longer than planned. So be sure to look out for this. 









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