10 Things to Do With Travel Photos That Isn’t a Photo Book


Scrapbooks and photo albums are frequently found collecting dust on bookshelves. If you’re looking for a different way to display your travel photos, you’re in the right place. Alternative ideas range from large, bold galleries to small, intricate displays. Below are ten fun things to do with travel photos that isn’t a photo book!

1. Canvas Wall Gallery

A canvas wall gallery is a beautiful way to display travel prints. To create your master gallery, a few important considerations come into play. First, measuring and ensuring you know the space where your gallery is to be displayed is important. If you’d like a large gallery for an extended display of multiple trips, a hallway might be an ideal choice.

After choosing a great space, design your own canvas prints. Layout requires an eye for interior design. You can choose a symmetrical layout for an ordered display, or an asymmetrical layout for a contemporary feel. Large accent pieces, like an epic skydiving picture, should be considered when looking at your ideal layout. Color scheme should be mirrored after the desired feel of your room. Bold colors are good for active rooms!

Once placement, layout and color scheme are decided, you’re ready to hang your canvas pictures on the wall! The layout should be well planned to maximize the impact of your canvas wall gallery.

2. Cute & Layered Clothespin Display

If you have twine, clothespins and a bit of hot glue, this project is for you. Turning your travel photos into a wall display is easy and simple with the clothespin display. For those who have instant cameras, this is a great way to display candid prints. Mini-clothespins are recommended for smaller photo prints. Layering the rows of photos adds an extra touch of finesse to this display idea.

3. Custom Passport Holder

Spice up your travels with motivating pictures from previous trips by printing them on your passport holder. A customized passport has a large amount of area on the cover for cute family photos and printed designs. Decide on your color scheme and choose photos that work with your desired feel. Then choose a reputable company and get your passport holder printed!

4. Ceramic Tile Fridge Magnets

Using a bit of modge podge, a sponge applicator and clean tile, you can create a ceramic magnet for your fridge! Display and move around your travel pictures all year. This is a great choice for those who love to entertain, as your guests will get curious while conversing in the kitchen. If you don’t like the idea of putting pictures on the fridge, you can decide to eliminate the magnet component and make drink coasters instead.

5. Decorated Travel Keepsake Boxes

For families who travel together, creating decorated keepsake boxes out of your travel photos is a fun idea. Everyone in the family will have a customized, memorable box to keep their travel valuables safe. Travel photos will serve a purpose, and be a great reminder to everyone about their previous adventures.

6. Cute Vacation Memory Jars

Mason jars are becoming a popular choice for do-it-yourself crafts, because they’re durable and aesthetically pleasing. A cool idea for your travel photos is to create vacation memory jars. You first need to choose your jar, and decide where you’d like to put your jar. Placement in a high-traffic area of the house will encourage guests to reminisce with you.

Deciding the best pictures to put in your vacation memory jar is determined by the size of your jar and the quality of your printing. If you have a small jar, consider having your travel photos professionally printed in high quality. This encourages readability of your folded photos when you decide to take a memory from the jar.

7. Custom Photo Luggage Tag

Why not incorporate your travel photos into your next trip? Show your design talent in a small way by printing photos on a luggage tag. Luggage tags are an often overlooked part of your suitcase, but serve an important purpose. When you’re next waiting at the airport in baggage claim, imagine seeing your suitcase with a tag full of photos from your last adventure! There are additional background choices from manufacturers that help you create a design that shows off your photos in style.

8. Multi-Picture Photo Puzzle

This idea is for the gaming enthusiasts. If you like to complete puzzles in your house, or are looking for the next snow day activity, this is the craft for you. Placing your travel photos in a puzzle with inspirational quotes and a snazzy background design element is a fun way to create a keepsake. Once the puzzle is finished, it’s easy to frame and mount on the wall!

9. Daily Photo Calendar

This is a fun, small way to store and enjoy your travel photos year-round. This idea incorporates your picture collection into a daily desk calendar. Calendars are perfect for brightening up your office space! This idea is great for those who have a lot of travel pictures they’d like to enjoy. The bonus of this craft is that it allows you to enjoy a different travel photo every day. The compact nature of this display also makes it perfect for those who are on constant travel.

10. Wacky Clothing Prints

Have a truly awesome picture that you’d like to display everywhere you go? Consider getting your travel photo printed on a t-shirt. There are manufacturers that can take your high-resolution photograph and turn it into clothing! Choosing to display your pictures on clothing is a great way to initiate a fun and energetic conversation starter about your adventures. This option can also be turned into a gift for a significant other or family member! 









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