Get Yourself Fit Wherever, Whenever with Fittever (Plus Enter to Win!)


What are your current fitness goals for the long, medium and short term?

What do you wish to achieve on your quest for health and fitness?

How are you going to achieve your goals and what barriers do you expect to come across along the way?

Asking yourself these questions and regularly reviewing your answers helps to keep you focussed on your goals, enabling you to stay on track and accountable.

Keeping a record of your fitness journey enables you to see what needs changing, how to be more efficient, what works for you best, your weaknesses, what you enjoyed and things that can be avoided in future that did not work for you personally.

Nobody can help you more than you can help yourself.

It is understandable that we all deserve a helping hand and nobody achieves all of their goals without a little inspiration or motivation. And quite often the excuses can come thick and fast when we let them. We might feel bored of our routine, we might not know where to begin or we might just turn to that old favourite of an excuse of simply not having time to join the gym.

Here is where Fittever comes in.


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The Fittever App is a new way to stop thos excuses once and for all. No longer do you have to worry about finding the time to travel to the gym or for a fitness class – you can join in with Fittever’s livestream classes brought directly to you from gyms all over the world, from London to Missouri and more.

Fittever has a long list of certified personal trainers on board to make this quite unique, granting you access to browse live classes from instructors across the globe. This isn’t just like watching a video on Youtube, though. Members of the app can actually take part and interact with the live session.

This unique concept means that people can train whenever and wherever they are. Maybe you work unsociable hours, live too far away from a gym or don’t have the confidence to attend a live session in person. This way, you not only get to participate the class in real time to suit you, but you can interact with the studio and trainer directly as you do so.

Professionals can also join in with Fittever and get on board too. Do you host classes or regular fitness clubs? If so, then you can host your own live sessions straight from the app, even from the comfort of your own home too, if that is what you prefer. So the outreach possibilities of the app are somewhat ground breaking.

Think about it, a real training session between workout buddies or instructors and clients is NOT a real session without proper interaction and communication between both parties.

There are currently over 25 classes run weekly from a range of studios in different time zones. There is no monthly membership and classes cost between £2 and £5 to join and the app itself is absolutely free to download. You can find out more on their website or on the Fittever Facebook page.

We have teamed up with Fittever to give away ten free classes to one lucky reader.

Just download the Fittever app on iTunes and leave a comment below letting us know why you think the app would help you on your journey to fitness. Competition closes at midnight on 31 July 2018.

Why wait til the new year for a healthier you?


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2 thoughts on “Get Yourself Fit Wherever, Whenever with Fittever (Plus Enter to Win!)

  1. Tania, thanks for introducing to this app!
    By the way, I love that you said “nobody can help you more than you can help yourself. That’s so true! People usually are so lazy. The other, I guess the smallest part are those who are determined. And those “lazy” people always keep blaming those who are really doing something not just talking, no matter what the situation or the field is – business, fitness or something else. That’s why I think it’s so important to realize that it’s only YOURSELF who can make a change, a difference. So if you want to get a lean, strong body, nobody can help because nobody can work out or eat healthy in your place.

  2. Hi Tania,

    I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed reading your article!

    I personally don’t like going to gyms for workouts or to Yoga studios for packed yogs classes. I usually do Yoga in the comfort of my own home, so this app is something that I may consider in the near future.

    I prefer to do my exercising at home (or outside, like a nice walk or bike ride) so this app appeals to me for sure.

    Thanks again for the interesting article!


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