Creating an Outdoor Play Area

What better time of the year than summer to encourage your little ones to play outside. It’s a fantastic way for them to learn interaction and communication skills, gain a bit of independence and burn off energy.

What are the benefits of using fake grass for outdoor play areas?


–      It’s safe

If your little ones are running around, jumping or practising their cartwheeling then fear not, there will be far less scraped kneed and elbows than if they were to do so on gravel or pavement. The materials are safe to touch, as well. However, be mindful some China produced artificial grass types can have harmful chemicals in them due to unregulated production standards. Fear not, there are plenty of companies such as Fylde Grass in the UK that provide a quality product that will be safe for your kids and pets.


–      It’s hygienic

Artificial grass is hyperallergic, easy to clean and requires very minimum upkeep to keep it a tip-top condition. It’s far less messy as well as this eliminates any play for the little ones in mud. On top of that, it can be safer than real grass as it’s more slip-resistant, making it an ideal environment for a play area.


–      It’s durable

Artificial grass is durable, you will not be seeing any bald patches in your back garden from when your little ones have been running over and over again or been making snow angels in summer. Additionally, artificial grass play area requires no mowing, watering or fertilising, making it an easy, durable and worry-free option for busy people. European grass is also UV stabilised to stop it from fading in direct sunlight.

Turning your back garden should be reasonably straightforward for creating a year-round play are for your kids. You can even make it part of a theme to make it even more exciting. Make your back-garden sports themed and use the artificial grass to lay down a game pitch. Or make it Alice In Wonderland themed and set up a little tea party somewhere. Either way, the challenge is creating an area that’s safe and entertaining for your kids.

Having a bit of greenery will be lovely also for the rest of the family. Having a beautifully laid down artificial grass back garden will encourage you and your family to spend more time outside having picknicks, catching bits of the sun or playing sports games with your kids. On top of that, if you have pets, they will be sure to enjoy it as well.









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