Best flooring for each room in your home


Bathroom and kitchen

In both the bathroom and kitchen, you need to choose a flooring solution that is easy to clean and is stain and liquid resistant. Most people tend to opt for tiles as an easily maintainable option. However, there are other options to consider, such as bathroom and kitchen vinyl flooring. Either can be installed in fun patterns to add a bit of pizzazz to your home.

Benefits to tiled flooring include a natural resistance to humidity, stain prevention and water damage protection. Vinyl flooring comes with a spectrum of benefits as well. Vinyl flooring is moisture resistant, antistatic and can be installed on top of any flooring solution you already have in place. Either of the two options is low maintenance and therefore the best choice for your bathroom and kitchen.


Living room

Often a natural choice for the living room is carpet flooring. However, before making such a decision, consider what purpose your living room serves. Does it double as the dining room for your family? If so, getting a light-coloured carpet in a place where your little ones will be chumming away on red pasta sauce, might not be the smartest decision.

Carpets tend to be a high maintenance flooring option, however, often favoured for other reasons.

For cleaning carpets easier, choose ones with dense and short fibre rather than long-fibered “cosy” carpets. You’re better off saving that as a rug option for the centre of the room or even better – your bedroom right by the bed!

Also, consider if you have any pets that might have accidents on the carpet in the living room. If so, having a carpeted floor will be a no-go. In that case, opt for vinyl flooring or hardwood flooring in your living room.



Your bedroom is your safe haven, your bit of privacy. This is the place to consider cosy rugs. You can pop an area rug on any type of flooring, so what you chose will depend on your personal preferences and overall style of the room. Having a plush rug by your bed during winter is essential to keep your toes warm between getting out of bed and sipping your slippers on.

If you want to opt for a carpet, it is important to consider the type of carpet that will best serve its purpose in your bedroom. Textured cut pile carpets tend to be more popular for bedrooms due to their plush feel and the casual aesthetic.

Whatever your preferences are, there are flooring options available to fit anyone’s needs, wants and desires. When choosing the flooring for each room always consider your circumstances and what the purpose of that room will be, this way, you’re more likely to make a practical and visually appealing decision.







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