5 tips for creating an eco-friendly bathroom



More and more people are becoming eco-conscious. There are many things that you can do at home to make your bathroom greener (besides painting your bathroom green). We have teamed up with bathrooms Newcastle experts at Bespoke Interiors, and we have brought for you top 5 tips for creating an eco-friendly bathroom.


1.   Opt for an eco-friendly flush toilet

Depending on your budget and how “green” you’re looking to become, investing in an eco flush toilet, would make a significant change.

Your toilet uses large amounts of water every time you flush; therefore, it’s a smart place to start when becoming more eco-friendly. When shopping for a new toilet, opt for one with a dual flush. Having the dual flush option on your toilet allows you to choose appropriate flush depending on the matter that requires flushing.


2.   Heating is essential, be smart about it

There are other ways that you can become greener besides saving water in your bathroom. Fitting underfloor heating will allow you to heat up your bathroom separately from your entire house; therefore, you can be strategic about heating and thus showing kindness to the planet.

These days, smart thermostats can be used to control your bathroom temperature to within 0.1 of a degree. They can even learn the optimum temperatures and times for your specific room, helping you save money on utility bills.


3. Fix drips and leaks

A constantly dripping faucet can become an annoyance quickly as well as overtime cause damage in your bathroom. Additionally, it’s also wasting water by bucket. In fact, it’s estimated that a dripping faucet could leak away around 90 liters of water with every passing week.

Leaks are responsible for 900 billion gallons of wasted water yearly in the United States, and every dripping faucet contributes to this water crisis.

Your options are repairing any leaks you have in your bathroom or replacing any leaking faucets if your current ones are beyond repair.


4.   Energy efficient

When re-doing your bathroom pay attention to some of the finer details, you’ll be installing. When choosing an extractor fan, opt for an energy-efficient one, ideally with one that has a timer setting on it to ensure minimum energy waste. If it has humidity sensor as well that would be a bonus, this will ensure the fan will turn off the timer once the fog has cleared up.


5.   Shower >>> bath

Showers use significantly less water than baths, so when it comes to creating a new eco-friendly bathroom ensure you have the option to jump in a shower. Reserve bath taking for more special occasions when you need a relaxing soak.

If you’re ready to take it to the next level, begin limiting your shower time! This way, you could save up even more water. If 4-minute showers are up your street, then you could potentially be saving plenty of water over an extended period of time.

Whatever you budget and commitment to creating a more eco-friendly bathroom is, there are small things that anyone can do and more significant ideas if you have the resources to do a full bathroom remodel.














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