5 Ways to Cut the Cost of Running Your Home


The cost of running a home has significantly risen over the past decade. By reducing your household bills, can save you hundreds of pounds without even noticing a difference in your daily life. Nearly half of all household income is spent on running the home, and so imagine saving that money and using it for something a lot more luxurious than energy and water bills. Below are five simple ways to reduce your household bills. 


Energy bills

The impact of rocketing energy bills can be enormous in any household. The best energy tariff for you will depend on how much energy you use and where you live. However, people often stay with their providers because they think they’re getting the best deal. Not only can you change energy providers to save money, but you can also find ways to be more energy efficient in the home. Property companies like RW Invest see the importance of being energy efficient, which is why all their properties have smart lighting. Smart lighting automatically turns on when someone enters the room, meaning you never have to worry about accidentally leaving a light on again. Simple changes like this can reduce bills a lot in the long-term.


Household Insurance

Searching for ways to reduce your premiums will ultimately mean you end up paying less for your household insurance. Installing a burglar alarm, getting better locks, or joining your local neighbourhood watch can all help you reduce insurance costs. Also, ensure you’re not over-insuring your home by giving an accurate value of your contents. A contents calculator may help you to do this if you’re struggling. 


Council tax

In the past decade alone, council tax has shot up by £502. However, you may not know, but there are various discounts available. For example, if you are the only adult (18+ years) living in your home, you are entitled to a 25% discount off your council tax bill. Keep in mind that your income and savings don’t affect this discount. Those who are in full-time education are exempt from paying council tax too, which is excellent news for all the students who weren’t aware of this. 



Around-the-house maintenance and repairs can cost around £700 a year, and so with figures like that, it may be time to start doing the handy work yourself. Tackling more jobs will allow you to save money and reduce the cost of maintenance bills. Plus, there are hundreds of evening and weekend courses available to you for a reduced price. While it might sound silly to some people, learning a trade can also earn you money if you choose to do the odd job for other people too. 


Water supply

Depending on your house, you will either have a set water rate or a water meter. If your family doesn’t use much water and can reduce the amount you’re using, it is definitely worth getting a water meter installed. On average, households can save over £50 just by changing over to a meter. Additionally, if you reduce your water usage, you could save even more money!







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