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Bali in Indonesia is a popular tourist destination. It offers a myriad of tourist attractions. In addition, there are numerous five-star hotels where tourists get to stay.

One of these five-star hotels is the Ayana hotel Resort in Bali. It is a beautiful five-star resort overlooking the Indian Ocean. It offers high levels of luxury, comfort and professionalism and even has global awards to show for their services.

In addition to the usual hotel services, Ayana makes sure that its guests are not only well served but also enjoy their holiday to the fullest. This it does by offering additional unique services such as offering cruises to their guests in the beautiful phinisi boat among others.

The Ayana Lako’dia

The Ayana Lako’dia is its uniquely designed phinisi boat. It is a sailing boat whose design is based on a long-held tradition of the coastal people of Indonesia.

This is the flagship boat for the Bali cruise Ayana tours. It is an extension of the hotels and those who cruise on this boat can expect to receive high quality service and food. The boat has a capacity for eighteen passengers in their fully fitted nine rooms.

It is suitable for wedding parties and couples. It is always out at sea and it offers the main three-day two nights cruise offered by Ayana.

Guests on this ship can expect lots of adventure on their cruise. They will get to visit the pink beach and the Komodo National Park to see the largest lizard on earth. In addition, they will get to hike the beautifully stunning Padar Island. They also get to snorkel and dive in the clear waters of the deep ocean.

On the final day, guests get to enjoy a ride from the boat to the hotel on the hotel’s motorboats.

The Ayana Lako Cama

The Ayana Lako Cama is a fly-bridge cruiser available for smaller parties. This is a speed boat that is mainly focused on daily cruises.

It is available for hire by small groups for the day. It is fast and appealing to the eyes. It is composed of a cabin with sunroof to ensure adequate natural light gets into the boat. In addition, it has a long sundeck where guests can sunbathe during the day and stargaze at night. It also serves as a diving deck for those on board.

With this boat, guests can easily reach other islands for a hike and also get deep into the ocean to enjoy snorkeling and diving in the ocean.

It is often available for charter to special groups.

The Ayana Lako Taka

This is the other boat on the Ayana’s fleet of cruise boats. It is uniquely designed in the shape of a whale and has glass bottom. This ensures that those who choose to cruise in this boat can experience the underwater life without having to get wet.

The Lako Taka’s specialty is the one-day cruise. It comfortably fits thirty and cruises around the ocean to offer them both education and adventure.

Guests in this boat get to visit other islands and the Komodo National Park. On their way there, they get to see the diverse marine life of the ocean without having to get out of the boat.

It is a sight to behold due to its sleek design and blue hue that matches that of the ocean.

Life on the Ayana Cruise

For the one-day cruise, guests are encouraged to book early and to carry for themselves some snacks and requisite personal documents.

The three-day cruise is manned by hotel staff who serve and prepare high quality food for the guests.


A cruise is a unique and adventurous holiday idea. At Ayana, you can choose the one-day cruise or the three-day cruise. With a group of friends, you can hire the Lako Cama for a day or go on the bottom glass Lako Taka.








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