And This is Why You WOULD Pay £20 for a Basic Boiled Egg Breakfast in London…


£20 for a boiled egg?

That you have to cook yourself?

It’s not as bad as it sounds.


You get toast too.

And a cup of tea if you want it.

Or coffee.

You choose.

And let’s face it, if you make it yourself, you can’t really get it wrong. You can make what you want, just the way you want it.

As long as it’s a boiled egg.

Or a slice of toast.

Or a cuppa.

If you really want a warm, full tummy, you can even opt for a bowl of porridge.

That’s pretty much your choice right there.


Money Grabbing London!

Typical bloody London, right?


This isn’t another moneygrabbing hipster venture.

There are no fancy tablecloths, no lavish surroundings and nothing grandiose about it at all.

It’s a small place.



You boil your own eggs, toast your own bread and make your own hot drink. Then you clean up after yourself. And you pay £20 for the privilege.

This place is welcoming to all. 

As long as you can pay £20 for a stark, basic breakfast, right?

Not quite.


Eggs & Bread for Everyone

Eggs & Bread is a little cafe that sits at 191 Wood Street, London, E17 3NU. Open to all and welcoming everyone, it was created on the belief that everyone deserves a good start to their day.

Whether they can afford it or not.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to use their facilities.

And when you’re done, you put what you want in the donation box next to the dirty plate station.

Or you don’t.

As Eggs & Bread puts it, pay what you like… if you like. 

Those that can’t pay, don’t.

Those that can pay, do.

Those that can and are fortunate enough to be able to pay a little extra for those that can’t are free to do so.

But nobody has to.

Do what you can.

Do what you want.

It’s all good.

It’s a community.

A real community.

Everyone, from all walks of life, from all backgrounds are welcome.

Pay if you can.

Pay for someone else’s breakfast if you want.

And if you can’t, don’t sweat it. Everyone needs a break some days.

And everyone needs a good breakfast every day.


Want to Know More?

Eggs & Bread doesn’t receive any funding or grants. It relies solely on people’s support.

People like us.

Tell me this hasn’t warmed your heart, I dare you!

Find out more about this remarkable place and find out how you can support them here.

And if anyone knows who is behind this incredible idea please do drop me a line and let me know.








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