The Top 3 Must-Have Family Apps


Families in today’s day and age can use all the help they can get to have fun together and communicate better. We are becoming increasingly interconnected and yet the simple connections that steadily deepens our relationships are often missing. Here are some crazy fun free apps that all families and close friends must have to keep connected and to deepen your relationships. From apps that make chores more fun like S’moresUp to extraordinary video chat apps like SAY that make catching up exciting – there’s an app for you that will help harmonize your family.     


1 – S’moresUp Helps Your Kids Cultivate Good Habits

S’moresUp is a practical app that helps parents or caregivers teach kids to properly manage their common household chores. S’MoresUp is indeed a great ‘modern tool for modern-day parents.’ This useful app accesses your calendar to assist you in setting up events and daily reminders.

With S’moresUp, you’ll get an individual calendar for everyone in your family. You may then schedule all your family events, invite people or schedule playdates with ease. If you have Google Calendar – you can simply integrate your Google events to S’moresUp – with just a single click!

S’moresUp’s Tools Teach kids Lifelong Lessons:

  • Kids learn to manage their daily tasks & to learn how to accomplish new ones
  • Children grow more money conscious with Rewards, Jars & Saving Goals
  • A Calendar helps boys and girls to manage their schedule
  • Kids steadily learn to self manage with your assistance & become responsible


2 – SAY Keeps You Connected with Family & Friends & Deepens Relationships

One of the most impressive family apps out there is a next level video chat app called SAY. This super fun app goes beyond ordinary social media apps like Facebook to provide an original, video chat experience. By allowing family members and close friends to send cute videos back and forth, SAY makes getting the lowdown on what’s happening in the lives of siblings, parents and friends easy, playful and exciting.  

SAY offers users the ability to start one of their exclusive games to spark what often becomes a hilarious video conversation among family and buddies.

SAY Offers Wide-Ranging Video Chat Games:

  • Shower Thoughts
  • Random Panda
  • Memory Cloud
  • Drybar Comedy
  • Wizarding
  • And more…

There are so many ways to video chat like on Skype but it’s very straightforward. SAY makes video chatting more like video laughing as parents, siblings, and friends can’t help but become inspired. And in this modern world – actually staying connected and enriching our very close relationships becomes more difficult and complicated. SAY effectively bridges the gap and humanizes our conversations no matter how far we may be from our loved ones.  


3 – Heads Up! Ellen DeGeneres’s Favorite Game App Ignites Laughing Fits

Heads Up! is the new game app that Ellen DeGeneres likes to play on her show and families love it! You and your family and close friends will be naming celebrities, singing and doing super silly accents just to guess the word on the card that’s on your smartphone and held above your head. Family and friends give you clues before the timer runs out!

Families love this app because you can play with just one friend or 100 at the same exact time. And it’s easy to learn how to play Heads Up! as you simply draw a new card by tilting your smartphone. You can also keep videos of your ridiculous gameplay to enjoy later or to share them on Facebook.

Multiple categories let you endlessly challenge your family and buddies. There’s a total of 18 themed decks to play. And each theme offers electrifying gameplay cards so the laughter will never ever stop!

Heads Up! Themed Game Decks Include:

  • Movies
  • Celebrities
  • Characters
  • Animals
  • Accents
  • And many more!


Family Apps Keep Families and Friends Healthy & Together

While it may seem that technology and the habits that are developed along with their use and integration into our lives ultimately have negative effects – discovering and using apps like SAY can offer tremendous benefits. And keeping your family together – really together – as siblings and parents move around a lot these days is becoming increasingly difficult. Try these three free apps out today and see for yourself what a difference they can make in your lives








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