How to Help Your Child Master Essay Writing


Essay writing is an important skill because it is a tool that is absolutely necessary for your child to achieve a higher level of education. In addition, writing articles and essays will also increase your child’s overall intellectual ability. Therefore, in order to teach this fundamental ability, you need to have an overall plan that allows you to teach these skills in an effective manner.

Creating Grammatically Correct Sentences

At this beginning stage of the process, your child should already know how to read and write to at least some basic degree. In order to develop these fundamental abilities even further, the definitions of all nine parts of speech should be completely memorised. Next, your child should be able to correct identify all of the parts of speech when they appear in sentences. However, the most important skill is the ability to diagram sentences. If your child cannot diagram sentences of at least moderate complexity, they need to complete assignments that focus on this skill until they are competent with it.

Creating Paragraphs

After your child is capable of creating and diagramming sentences, they should be taught how to construct paragraphs. The first thing that they need to know is how to write a topic sentence. After they know what topic sentences are and can create them, they can be taught how to create additional sentences that support the main topic. They can then be shown how to transition between paragraphs.

Organising Paragraphs

Once your children are aware of the methods used to transition between paragraphs, they can now be taught how to create an overall structure using the basic design that emphasises the introduction, the body, and the conclusion of the essay. They will also need to know what a thesis is, so they can center their writing on central topics. Once they have mastered all of these abilities to a certain degree, they should be ready to begin writing lots of papers in order to increase their writing skills to higher levels of development.

Developing Skills by Following Examples and Practicing

Your child should now be given many examples of what good articles and essays look like, so they can emulate them effectively. You can visit such websites like to find sample essays of high quality. After reading several examples, your child should write an essay that attempts to mirror many of the basic qualities in the samples that they have just read. The good and bad elements of their attempts should then be analyzed and then critiqued. This process should be repeated over and over so that their abilities will continue to improve gradually over time.









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