Artificial Grass for your Family Garden


There’s this kind of intrinsic scepticism that enters your mind, especially when you’re a parent, when you hear the word ‘artificial’ and the suggestion that it’s a positive thing. Which is a great shame, because artificial grass has a host of advantages which can be especially valuable to anyone with a family. When it comes to concerns like cleanliness, health, safety, and just plain old fashioned fun, artificial grass actually makes a lot of sense for any household with a lot of boisterous, energetic, or otherwise excitable children.

As the sun finds itself higher in the sky for longer, and you and your kids might be spending more time outside, maybe it is a good time to consider some garden surface alternatives.


No Mud

If you have a garden with a natural lawn, and your kids like to play football, tag, or just any other game that involves a lot of running about and generally having a high paced good time, mud is just part of the natural order of things. Even if your kids are among the most well behaved in the universe, someone sometime will forget to wipe their feet or just have some mud caked onto their trousers or skirt that they didn’t notice. Artificial grass circumvents all these problems. The fibres are synthetic polymers, and the soil below is protected by a rubber layer. All dangers of dirt and mud getting tracked through the house are gone. One less thing to worry about.


No Grass Stains

Children’s clothes naturally go through cycles of needing to be cleaned that are much shorter than adults. Generally speaking we don’t run around sliding in fields or tripping over jumpers that were previously being used for goalposts. But because that’s the sort of thing kids do, that is why the washing machine may end up with much more green marks than you otherwise might expect. But with no chlorophyll, the green has no source, and so your children’s clothes can be a lot cleaner while enjoying all the running, sliding, and jumping about they like.


No Time Intensive Maintenance

Taking care of a garden is a time-intensive task, and the lawn is no exception to this. Watering and weeding are just the beginning. Mowing is a crucial factor, something that will need to be done regularly and with some degree of precision to keep things in order. With an artificial lawn, such things can be matters done away with, permanently. There is no need to mow that which does not grow, and weeds are kept at bay with a well-placed artificial membrane. While it definitely isn’t the case that artificial lawns require no care at all, it is so much less than previously, you will definitely relish the time you get back. Something that every parent could always need more of.


No Unpleasant Artificial Chemicals

The chemicals involved in keeping weeds and garden pests away are not always the friendliest or most pleasant. While safety regulations and other legislation of course keep us safe in a broad sense, that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be nicer if we could just do without such things. The thought of having to maintain a constant chemical campaign against intrusive species sounds exhausting. While some may see artificial grass as rather a scorched earth solution, it does still leave behind a lovely space for our children to play.


All Year Round

Whether you are jumping about in the spring, lazing in the sun during summer, enjoying a lovely afternoon’s autumn stroll, or taking part in a winter wonder, artificial grass provides a place to enjoy all year round. You don’t need to worry about excess mud from the dew, dying grass in the sun, or pollen problems linked to allergies. With artificial grass, all these issues are the same every season of the year. Easy to enjoy

Whatever the weather, whichever season you find yourself in, and however you like to enjoy your garden, artificial grass has lots of advantages. If you find yourself more often struggling with your garden than relishing in it, artificial grass could well be the boon you’ve been looking for.







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