How to choose a good suitcase


One of the most important problems of each trip is a suitcase. That is what will bring your things and objects that will be used during your trip, as well as the things that will bring your journey. For example, you certainly do not want to store luxury items such as Breitling watches or Cartier watches in an insecure bag.

Until now, the bags were simpler and there were not many choices. But that has changed. At present there are several types of models, sizes, colors … and questions that arise. What is the best type of bag? How to choose a good template for your trip? In this post, we will help you answer these questions. Check what to evaluate when buying your suitcase.

Choose the right material for your suitcase

The choice of material is the main problem when deciding which bag to use. At present, there are three types of baggage that stand out on the market: flexible, semi-flexible and rigid. Below, we list the advantages of each ingredient.

Flexible bags: these types of bags are made with thicker fabrics and are usually made to be carried in the hand, without wheels. The main advantage is that these bags are usually valued more and more flexible to carry, adjusting to the items you want to carry inside. Also, when cleaning, you can wash it and leave it as if it were new. On the other hand, the main disadvantage is the lack of waterproofing, ie if you catch rain, water can enter into the suitcase.

Semi-flexible bags: Semi-flexible bags are usually the most commonly found in shops, roads and airports. They are made of waterproof material and are different from flexible, protect objects well, prevent them from breaking, getting wet or suffering damage during transportation. Models can vary between bags and needs, besides having a very affordable price for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money. The main disadvantage is in connection with cleaning which is more difficult to do.

Rigid bag: this is an option for those who want a suitcase that will last long, because most of them are made of polypropylene, a highly resistant material. One of the main advantages besides obstacles is the variety of models because they have various colors and brands. Therefore, prices can also vary between cheaper and more expensive. The main advantage is security to be able to carry anything without risking damage. The disadvantage is that, depending on the quality, it can show cracks, breaks, and even scratch more easily.

Many people, rather than choosing a handbag, prefer traditional wheels. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Handbags: Because it’s simpler, bags are usually cheaper. In addition, they are more flexible to store, both in the car and on the luggage rack. However, that is not the most practical choice, depending on the weight of your suitcase can be a big problem to carry, especially if you have to walk far. This effort is usually great and uncomfortable if you carry too much stuff.

Wheel bags: The main advantage of wheel bags is practicality. With the help of casters, a minimum effort to carry it. In addition, wheeled suitcases are generally larger in size and carry more clothes, accessories and travel souvenirs. However, as a disadvantage it is possible to quote shipping questions. Because they are very large and heavy, it is practically impossible to carry them in the luggage compartment, except for smaller models.


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