How Quickly Can You Overcome an Addiction Problem Effectively?


Addicts must first admit they have a problem before treatment will be effective. Sadly, many addicts cannot see they have an issue until they have hit rock bottom. This does not mean loved ones should give up on them at any time.

While it may seem possible to quickly overcome an addiction effectively, it is actually an ongoing battle, one that will follow a person for life. Keep this in mind and never give up on the addict, as he or she needs support during this difficult journey. What do individuals need to know about addiction and overcoming this common problem?


Treatment Can Help

An addict may seek treatment only to relapse shortly after doing so. This doesn’t mean treatment isn’t effective. It simply means the treatment offered either didn’t meet the needs of the addict in some way or the individual didn’t have follow-up care, an element of the process that is crucial for success in most cases. For example, if the addict tried an outpatient program and didn’t have long-term success, it may be time to look into inpatient treatment options to determine if they will be of more help. Don’t give up, as there is an effective treatment program for every person who is dependent on drugs.


Schedule an Intervention

Don’t hesitate to bring loved ones together to confront the addict about his or her substance abuse. Friends and family often put off taking this step, as they fear the addict will see it as everyone ganging up on him or her and turn away as a result. The addict could be in denial and not accept there is an issue unless this step is taken, however.

To effectively hold an intervention, certain steps must be taken so the addict does not walk away feeling isolated, unloved or attacked. These feelings can lead to him or her becoming more resistant to treatment, so it’s best to obtain professional help before a gathering of this type is held. When comparing treatment programs, be sure to ask if they have an intervention specialist or team on hand who can facilitate this process and ensure it runs smoothly.


Change is Possible

People must recognize an addiction can be overcome, thus loved ones should never give up in encouraging the addict to obtain help. Although it does take time, once the person realizes their dependence on the drug interferes with something in their life they value they are more willing to give the substance up. However, in order to do so effectively, they must have confidence in their ability to change.

What individuals seem to forget when talking about addiction is people change all the time. As a result, a person who is currently hooked on one or more drugs can alter this area of their life just as they do others. There is no reason to be fatalistic when talking about addiction as there is hope.

Anyone who is struggling with addiction or has a loved one that is dependent on one or more substances should take the above information in mind. While a person may overcome their addiction quickly, this does not mean they will remain substance-free for life. The key is to keep moving forward and to seek help when needed. Those who take this step find it much easier to keep their addiction at bay for longer periods of time, if not forever.







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