A Guide to Family-Friendly Turkey



If you want to travel a little farther into Europe this summer, then you should consider taking the kids to Turkey.

Although still in Europe, Turkey has many other influences such as Ottoman heritage which permeates the architectural styles and culinary choices, which is what makes Turkey such a diverse and interesting country to visit.

If you are planning to travel to Turkey this summer, then I advise you to book your airline ticket in advance.  By doing this, you can take advantage of low fare prices. Also, for an additional discount, make a united airlines booking which will usually provide discounts to their users. You can then experience a calm and comfortable flight to your destination. 

So, now you’ve sorted your flights, check out some places to stay!


Where to Stay

When you have kids, we know how difficult it can be to survive a week in a hotel or resort. If you want to combine a luxurious experience with a family-friendly destination, then you should consider renting a villa.

James Villa Holidays can help you arrange luxurious villas in Turkey, where large families have the space to breathe, the freedom to go by your own schedule, and brilliant facilities that the kids will love, including a swimming pool.


Destinations in Turkey

Istanbul is the capital of Turkey and the global hub of the country, with many planes jetting straight to the capital. Luckily, there is a large selection of exciting days out for kids in the city.

The Sea Life centre is home to an astonishing array of marine animals, with a much-loved ocean tunnel to help round off the trip. What’s more, Istanbul is also home to Vialand, an entertainment park which includes shopping areas for those who love the retail treatment, a play zone for children who love to have fun, and an Adventure zone for thrill-seekers.

Cappadocia is perfect for families, especially for those with older children, as this is a safe destination in the rural countryside.

Start ticking the kid’s bucket list off early, as this area is famous for its exciting hot air balloon rides, as well as great opportunities for a range of local attractions such as horse rides and even underground cities which provide the perfect entertainment for children interested in caving.


Things to Do

Turkey contains many resort towns such as Marmaris, and these include a great many things to do with kids, such as water parks like the Atlantis Marmaris waterpark. This is a great place to cool off in the intense heat of summer. While every kid loves water rides and attractions, there are also activities for adults, with an array of private beaches and sunbeds to please those who are just looking to relax.

If you are looking for traditional seaside entertainment, Sandland in Antalya is a great destination for those wanting something different. Like many of the exciting sculpture parks in Europe, Sandland is home to 10,000 tonnes of sand which has been moulded into magnificent sculptures. From the pyramids to the Taj Mahal, you can let your kids explore the wonders of the world in the matter of a few hours with these true to life beachside sculptures.

If you want more natural attractions to explore, the Blue Lagoon at Olu Deniz Beach is a fantastic natural wonder for kids. Its shallow waters reduce the dangers that you usually associate with water excursions, and kids will love the fact that the water is so shallow it can sometimes give the impression that you are walking on water.

If you want to explore the water further from the shore, indulge in the adventurous side of your kid and the kid inside of you by kayaking into the lagoon itself, which will give you a first-hand experience of its undeniable beauty.

However, if you want to teach your kids a bit of cultural history while you are in Turkey, then why not head to Bodrum castle? From Henry VI’s coat of armour to one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, there is always more to see in this culturally rich monument.

While your kids pretend to be knights and dragons, spend the time feasting your eyes on the beautiful views over the coastline and sea beyond, which the castle gives an unrivalled view of. Whatever you do, cherish the moments for posterity with a picture to video maker


Is it Safe?

Although the main tourist areas of Turkey are generally safe for families, the UK government advises against travel along the border with Syria and some of the surrounding areas due to the Syrian conflict and possibilities of terror attacks.

You should remain vigilant in Istanbul and other popular tourist areas. Although crime is low, pick-pocketing and other petty thefts is not an uncommon occurrence, and you should be aware of this when walking around the capital.

There are occasional earthquakes and tremors in Turkey which you should be aware of and ensure that you follow all advice given if this occurs.

Turkey can be an exciting and extremely fun destination for children and adults alike. From days spent at the beach to historical wonders, there is something to do for all the family, whether you are looking for relaxation of a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. 








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