Investing in Skills to Create an Online Income


Long-term travel is something we are able to do with our family due to creating a business that enables us to work from anywhere in the world and provide us with several income streams. This was something we originally worked on putting in place over 15 years ago when we were planning on moving to a smallholding in Ireland. As you might recall, when we were finally ready to take the leap and had our home on the market, we pulled out at the final hour, deciding that we were not ready to give up travel, which we had realised we loved doing.

Investing in your skills is a fantastic way of creating an online business that you can do from anywhere in the world. There are several skills that can bring you excellent returns. The good news is that you can learn most of them through the internet at nominal rates (or even free of cost), and if you’re really serious about learning something that can bring in decent returns on your investment, you might even consider a short-term loan from Cash Lady to help you on your way. Do make sure though, that if you choose this option, that you do have the means to pay it back. Remember, this is about finding ways to make money, not to lose it.


What skills can you invest in that will enable you to earn an online income?

Here is a list of invaluable skills that can help you make money:

Excel: Excel is an extremely useful office tool that can help you generate information relating to finance, marketing, sales and business development. Excel provides an intuitive interface for analytical and statistical data. If you are proficient in Excel, you can earn from a regular job or freelance services.

Foreign languages: With businesses becoming more global in nature, foreign language skills are very high in demand. Organisations and businesses are always on the lookout for skilled foreign language professionals for translation purposes.

Accounting: This is one skill that can never go wrong. You can freelance your services as an accountant or opt for a regular job at an organisation. Employers and customers always appreciate qualified assistance to keep their books in order and save on taxes.

Art and Design: If you have an eye for colour, design like custom made a wedding gown and aesthetics, you can choose to be an illustrator or cover designer for books. If you take your talent online, website design is one of the most sought after skills on the internet.

Fiction or non-fiction writing: The world of e-Books has exploded and now grosses over £200 million pounds in the UK market alone. If you develop your writing skills in fiction or non-fiction, you can use the impressive e-book market to your advantage.

Marketing: If you upgrade your marketing skills, you can offer your services to online organisations and businesses looking for better customer outreach and an improved bottom line.

Regardless of the specific skill that you choose to invest in, there are two important skills that every aspiring professional should know: negotiation and networking. You must know how to value your own skills and you must learn to network with people in order to market your skills effectively.

Do you have any skills which enable you to earn a flexible income or tips of your own to share? Do let us know in the comments below!




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