Large Family of the Week: The Rainford Family!


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This week’s Large Family of the Week is the Rainford family from Wales. Read more about mum Joanne and the rest of the family here…


Introduce us to your family (names and ages & tell us a bit about yourselves):

My name is Joanne aka Mommy. I am 28 and a single parent to four children, my eldest is Megan she is 12 nearly 13 and I had her when I was just 15. Arrianna is 10, she is my middleton. Morgan is our only boy (so far) he is 3 yrs 4 mths. And the youngest for now is Meredith, she is 18 months old.

We have lived in north Wales for just over 3 years and love being able to go down to the beach whenever we want.

I would love to have more children in the future…..


Do you consider your family to be large? If not, what do you think is the magic number which turns an average sized family into a large one?

Not until I see the shocked expressions on people’s faces when I say I have four children….I think 6 starts to look large.


Did you ever think you would have a large family?

I always wanted four children, until I had four, I now want more.


What is your best moneysaving tip?

Washable/reusable anything! Nappies, wipes, toilet roll, kitchen roll.

Natural cleaning products aka vinegar….it’s cheap and cleans everything!


What is your best tip for organisation?



What is your favourite recipe?

Porridge….I love porridge!

Leek and potato soup, with gammon and carrots.


Do you cook the same meal for everyone or cater for different tastes? Mostly the same meal, occasionally I will do everyone something different


What is the best thing about having a large family?

The love and the fun…everything!


And what is the most difficult?

Fallings out between the children…..being poorly, I recently had to stay in hospital. Being away from them was difficult for everyone and finding someone to watch them was near impossible, they had to be separated


If you could offer one piece of advice to parents, what would it be?

Enjoy it….children grow up so fast


Don’t you have a television?

I actually bought our first television whilst I was pregnant with my fourth


Do you know what causes it?

Causes what?


And finally, will you have any more children?!



I hope you enjoyed reading about Joanne and herbeautiful family. Please do leave a warm hello for them in the comments below!


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  1. Hi it’s me! Oddly this is the first I have seen of this 🙂 pleased to be large family of the week (even if it was a few weeks back)

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