Another step closer to living our dream…





A couple of weeks ago we announced that the time had finally come for us to go and realise our long-held dream of living a more self-sufficient life. 

For those who commented and emailed us to say that this part of our lives would make a great book – yes, we agree! And you never know!

Work has begun on our home in preparation for getting it on the market as soon as possible, and last week Mike and Sid flew out to Ireland to view some properties.

After a delay with the flights they returned at 2am on Saturday, armed with footage of their house-hunting adventures.

After a lot of talking and discussing and family votes (which resulted in enthusiastic, impatient cries of ‘yes’ all round), we decided on one which would be perfect.

And *gulp*, we made an offer!

We’re waiting to hear back but in the meantime, if you can hope, pray, keep your fingers crossed, do a special dance or whatever else you do for good luck and positivity, we’d appreciate it!
















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