And here he is!

Baby 13 approximately 12 hours old
Baby 13 approximately 12 hours old


The time spent with Tim before he was taken into SCBU was very short but we have a few photos to share. The one above was taken when he was approximately 12 hours old, as was this…

Baby 13 approximately 12 hours old. Being well cared for in SCBU.
Baby 13 approximately 12 hours old. Being well cared for in SCBU.

This is the first child we have ever had to need special care. I never realised how much I took for granted being able to scoop up my newborn to feed or hug it.  I’m longing to sweep him up but, more than that, I want him strong.


Look at the size of him next to Mike's hand!
Look at the size of him next to Mike’s hand!


He is improving all the time, so we are optimistic that he won’t be there for long. The staff are too wonderful for words. The care they give not only to the babies but to the support and explanation to frightened, worried parents is fantastic.  We took this unit being here for granted for so long  yet never fully appreciated its true value until we needed it and saw it for ourselves. Words can’t express how thankful we are to all the special care and maternity staff here for their work.

No doubt, with their ongoing care and dedication, we will be home with our baby boy very soon.

Introducing Baby 13: Timothy Sebastian Sullivan
Introducing Baby 13: Timothy Sebastian Sullivan


Edit: A few people have asked about sending cards and gifts. Much as we do appreciate the thought and kindness, we would like to ask that small donations are instead made to the Oliver Fisher Neonatal Unit at Medway Maritime Hospital.






17 thoughts on “And here he is!

  1. I guess I don’t understand your usage of “it” as a pronoun. Seems to diminish the child(ren) into a thing instead of a person. Makes me sad actually. 🙁

    1. Sephia… tania and her family are going through a very tough time right now, I think you should be supporting them instead of criticism!

      I congratulations to the whole family tania! 🙂

    2. Obviously she wasn’t talking about the baby – maybe you should read it a second time .. Or a third if necessary . Stop Judging & assuming the worst.

    3. I think ‘it’ was used as they didn’t previously know the babies gender. The classic delivery line of congratulations ‘it’s a …..’ was the context. There was really no need to be so rude on somebody else’s page, especially at what you clearly know is an important and trying time. If you can’t say anything nice, should you really be saying anything at all?

  2. What a lovely little boy x Congratulations!! As the mum of a 26 weeker micro preemie I can totally understand all you say in this post! All the very best with baby 13 xo

  3. They r fab in Oliver fisher my son was in there for 9 days I didn’t get to hold him till he was 3 days old.. was the longest 3 days of my life (after having 3 that didn’t need any help it was a total shock to the system!!) Im sure Tim will ve home where he belongs very soon x x

  4. Huge congratulations to you all!! So happy for you. He’s gorgeous! Hope he’s out of SCBU very soon and home where he belongs. Sending lots of love and hugs xx

  5. It’s no wonder you keep having kids if they come out looking like that.. He is absolutely georgous Tania , congrAtulations I pray you have him home with you soon.. He’s gonna break a few hearts when he’s older lol but he’s so beautiful I’m so jealous as I can’t have anymore and I’m so broody now I’ve seen him bless him.. Best wishes and well done to you xxx

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