Our Big Family Road Trip: Lake Garda… in the fog


Lake Garda


We have had plenty of opportunities to practise the finer art of patience during this trip.  We have also had to deal with disappointment of plans going awry for one reason or another, most usually through poor weather, or parking or accessibility issues with Jalopy.

This was one of them.

We decided to finish off our trip to Verona with a quick drive to visit Lake Garda.  It was only an hour’s drive away from where we currently were, and so it seemed silly to be so close and not to go and see the largest lake in Italy.

Unfortunately, by the time we arrived a fog had descended so the views were extremely limited and the lake’s beauty was left a relative secret for us.


Lake Garda in the fog
Lake Garda in the fog


Lake Garda in the fog – not quite how I envisaged seeing it!




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