Where do we fit them all? Triple bunk beds, of course!






Last week we gave our Larger Family Life Facebook followers a sneak peek at the new triple bunk bed Mike was making.  We went and bought the wood and material on the Saturday and, as Ben was home looking after the younger ones, thought we’d grab a bite for lunch before heading home.

Mike then spent the next few days out in his workshop, working his magic and turning the raw material into something practical, functional and very, very lovely.

When the day came to take down the old double bunk bed (pah, a double, eh?!) and fix the new one together he had the crew in filming the progress.  The job took a little longer than expected and stress levels rose a little, no thanks to the pressure of an ever-closer looming bedtime along with one of the kids (the invisible one we have named ‘Not-Me’  – again) turning the thermostat of the heating on full whack with nobody noticing until we were on our knees with the sauna-like heat.

Eventually the job was done!  The bed was up – looking fabulous – I might add, and Harry, Oliver and Joseph all settled down for the night.  Joseph was the only one who showed any resistance, having a little cry for… oh, all of about two minutes.  Making the transition from cot to bed when he was already an hour and a half past his normal bedtime and feeling way beyond tired was probably enough for him, yet to have a big old camera filming him as he did so was clearly more than he was prepared to handle.  We left the room, he stopped crying and no sooner had we made our way downstairs then we heard a little running around and playing.  So much for the tears whilst he had an audience!

Anyway, as promised to our Facebook and Twitter followers, here is the new triple height bunk bed made by The Best Joiner in the World (aka, Mike).


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