Banish those winter blues with the perfect duvet day



The cold, dark and most likely rainy winter mornings leave many of us wishing we could snuggle down under our duvets for the day instead of having to face the harsh outdoors.  As if you need any more excuses to fight the urge to stay snug and warm, we give you some tips on making your next duvet day the best one ever.


What size duvet do I need?


Duvets are available in several sizes in order to fit over standard beds – single, double, king-size and super king-size.  If duvet hogging is an issue between you and your partner you might want to buy a larger duvet than your bed size – hopefully putting an end to any disagreements and accusations of duvet domination!

Smaller duvets are also available for children, including specially sized cot duvets which are also lighter in weight.  For safety, do ensure that you never use a duvet on a baby under one year of age.


Tog ratings explained


Contrary to popular belief a Tog rating isn’t an indication of a duvet’s thickness but of how much body heat it retains.  Depending on factors such as the filling, a thinner duvet can actually retain more body heat than a thicker one.

Duvets are available in Tog ratings which cover all seasons of the year.


Cool (suitable for summer) Tog ratings of 3 – 4.5

Medium for spring/autumn – Tog ratings of 7 – 10.5

Warm for winter seasons – Tog ratings of 12 – 13.5

Combination or All-Season duvets are available consisting of two separate duvets, a 4.5 Tog and a 9 Tog which can be used separately in the summer and spring/autumn months respectively, then attached together with Velcro or poppers to create a warmer 13.5 Tog winter duvet.



Duvet fillings – natural or synthetic?


Natural fillings such as goose or duck down and feather, wool, silk or cotton are more luxurious, have a longer lifespan and are incredibly soft and comfortable.  However, they are also more expensive!  Goose feather and down is more expensive than its duck feather and down alternative.  Remember to check the ‘fill power’ of the duvet as this gives an indication of the quality – the higher the ‘fill power’ figure the better quality the duvet.

Due to their natural properties they are suitable for the task of reacting to natural body heat, absorbing moisture into the duvet over night then releasing it when the duvet is folded back for ‘breathing’ in the morning.

Duvets with synthetic fillings are cheaper to purchase than those with natural fillings but also have a much shorter lifespan and lose their Tog rating at a much faster rate.  However, for convenience they can be machine washed and tumble dried in comparison with the natural duvets which need to be professionally cleaned.  Synthetic fillings – normally polyester hollowfibre or microfibre – are also hypoallergenic making them a good option for allergy sufferers.

Whichever option you prefer, you might want to ensure you check out The Bedding Company’s cheap winter duvets to bag a bargain and make your money stretch further, giving you more luxury for less money.  That’s always great for a good night’s sleep!


One pillow or two?


As with duvets you have a choice between synthetic or natural filled pillows.  Go with your own personal preference on whether you want to use one pillow or two.  Your preferred sleep position may dictate what you feel more comfortable with.  Whichever you choose, make sure your head and neck are properly supported for the ultimate night’s sleep.


And the final details…


Duvet covers and bedding sets are available in a huge selection of fabrics and designs.  This is where your own personal style and taste come into play.  Do you prefer minimal fuss or do you want your bed sumptuously heaped with cushions, pillows and throws?  Create the look you desire with as many or as few accessories as you like!




(This post was brought to you in association with The Bedding Company)


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