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We don’t give them a second thought the rest of the year but unnatural boiler sounds in the midst of the winter months is enough to put a feeling of dread and panic into anyone.

Why caring for your boiler is a ‘must-do’, not a ‘maybe’

Avoiding panicked phone calls to repair a broken down boiler when temperatures are dipping is something we’d all like to do.  It is ironic really, that the best time to ensure we have a healthy boiler which is up to the task of providing us with warmth through yet another winter is during the warmer part of the year – yet how many of us actually do?

Not only does keeping your boiler regularly serviced and maintained ensure you won’t be left in the cold, but it will also save you money in the long run.

Top tips on caring for your boiler

One great train of thought is to make checking your boiler an annual habit, like keeping your car’s MOT for example.  Whilst you might think you are financially pushed each month, do make a point of reminding yourself that a little money spent now can potentially save you a lot more further down the line if something does go wrong.

Boilers are often left dormant and unused during the summer months.  Fire them up for a few minutes once a month rather than leaving them unloved for the other months of the year.  This therefore makes it easier for them to kick back into action come the autumn, resulting in fewer boilers breaking down.

Another great time to check is when you may be redecorating your kitchen. Even if you are just changing a few simple things such as handles or doors bought from online suppliers such as EuroFit Direct, you may as well kill two birds with one stone.

If you have a gas boiler make sure you also have a fully functioning carbon monoxide detector in your home too.  Carbon monoxide leaks cannot be detected by smell or vision and can be fatal. A detector can be bought online for as little as £20.

Top tips to save money on heating

Turning down your thermostat by just 1 or 2° can make a significant difference to your heating bill.

Instead of automatically putting on the heating when it gets a little colder, put on a jumper or wrap yourself up in a comfy throw or blanket.  If you’re putting the heating on whilst wearing a t-shirt you’re wasting money!

Another way of saving money is to make sure that your home is well insulated.  Check windows and doors for draughts, sealing them accordingly.

Thick curtains hung at windows and behind front and back doors can also help keep draughts at bay, and retain the heat you’re paying for.  Repurpose old clothes to make a draught excluder for the bottom of doors and windows.

Consider taking out cover or insurance against your boiler breaking down and the cost of repairs.

Many plans offer an annual service in the cost, as well as parts and labour for any future repairs.  Paying a few pounds a month could potentially save you a lot more should anything go wrong in the future, providing peace of mind and allowing you to budget in case the worst case scenario does happen.

What to do if your boiler breaks down?

If your boiler doesn’t seem to be sounding or working right, get somebody to see to it as soon as possible.  Don’t put it off as delays may result in the problem worsening, resulting in a higher repair bill than you would otherwise have had.

Always use a properly qualified and experienced engineer to fix your boiler.  If there seems to be a problem do not try to solve it yourself – ever!  Never even remove the boiler cover ‘just to see what the problem is’.  If you aren’t familiar with what you are doing, the result could be fatal.

If you are faced with a broken boiler emergency but don’t want a shock when faced with the bill, there are companies out there to provide you with a fixed price quote for the job. Not only that but you can also pick the most convenient day to have your repairs carried out by their fully qualified engineers.



 (This article was brought to you in association with EuroFit Direct)


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