We start filming next week



After the whole ’15 Kids and Counting’ debacle Mike and I quickly found ourselves wondering if we would ever participate in anything like that again.  Once bitten, twice shy and all that.

We have been in contact with the production company since filming ended and were asked if we would agree to participating in a new television programme – different to the last – for another channel.

We have had months of discussing concerns and worries.  After an in-depth meeting with the Executive Producer at our home this week where we discussed everything from legalities and contracts preventing any repeat of our previous experience to keeping chickens, we have agreed to this other new series.

Reassured and relaxed, we begin filming next week!



8 thoughts on “We start filming next week

  1. That sounds fantastic. Hope it goes well. Is there anywhere on the net we can see “15 kids and counting” since it wasn’t shown in australia?

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