We start filming next week

    After the whole ’15 Kids and Counting’ debacle Mike and I quickly found ourselves wondering if we would ever participate in anything like that again.  Once bitten, twice shy and all that. We have been in contact with the production company since filming ended and were asked if we would agree to participating… Read More

We are featured in the Telegraph today

    A lovely article on our family by Judith Woods who visited our family on Wednesday. We’re happy that she survived her visit and lived to tell the tale in today’s Telegraph and it’s great to read something that hasn’t been twisted or sensationalised at all. Judith, you’re welcome back any time! Blog this! Bookmark… Read More

Look what we’ve been up to with Drumond Park…

    Regular readers of Larger Family Life will know that we are big fans of games by Drumond Park.  You are probably familiar with some of their popular titles such as Rapidough, Dino Bite, Articulate for Kids and many, many more.  Our family has spent many hours playing, enjoying and competing – (although I… Read More