Look what we’ve been up to with Drumond Park…



Regular readers of Larger Family Life will know that we are big fans of games by Drumond Park.  You are probably familiar with some of their popular titles such as Rapidough, Dino Bite, Articulate for Kids and many, many more.  Our family has spent many hours playing, enjoying and competing – (although I often do win, it has to be said) and these games are fun when I win!


When Drumond Park got in touch and invited our family to try out some of their new, upcoming titles it was an offer we really couldn’t refuse!  With so many fantastic games in the Drumond Park range to suit the various different ages and abilities within our family we couldn’t wait to get a sneak preview on the latest selection.


We all had such a great time at the unveiling and the accompanying photo shoot.  The children said it was the best shoot they had ever been on – I’m sure the opportunity to play games whilst having their photo taken must have had something to do with it!  Everyone from the oldest to the youngest thoroughly enjoyed it.


Some of the expressions the photographer caught on camera were priceless!  The concentration at times was palpable.  Spin Mania was a huge hit with Harry.   But were Eddie and Caitlin willing him to succeed… or not, I wonder?!


Our day is featured in this month’s Toy World magazine in a feature on “Fun and Games for all the Family” – perfect!

Not only that but Caitlin and five of the boys will be accompanying me to the Christmas in July event where we will be demonstrating the newest products to a couple of hundred journalists on the Drumond Park stand.   I will We will try to keep our competitiveness down to a minimum, I promise!

It’s just a shame Steph won’t be able to show off her home shopping channel demonstration poses…


I’ll have more information on the new titles in due course.  In the meantime you can keep up to date with Drumond Park at www.drumondpark.com, through Twitter with the handle @DrumondPark and also through Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/drumondpark.


8 thoughts on “Look what we’ve been up to with Drumond Park…

  1. you all looked like you had a great time. in the first picture which twin is who? they look so similer to me even though there not identical x

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