Want to know a secret?




So apart from keeping our recent publicity work with Drumond Park a secret we also have something else to tell you.

Want to know what it is?

Bet you can’t guess!

Go on, have a guess.

Here it is…


Bet you didn’t guess.  Ah, who am I kidding?  Of course you did!

These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago at 12 weeks and 6 days.

Due date is December 2nd and all is going very, very well.

And yes, there is definitely only one in there this time!


26 thoughts on “Want to know a secret?

  1. Congratulations Tania and Mike!! I did wonder if this was what you meant a little while ago about sometimes decisions being made for you. Praying for a smooth and uneventful pregnancy and delivery for you. Congratulations again! Xx

  2. I knew it cheeky mrs !!! As soon as I saw the heading!!!! You are MAD!!!!! I was just telling #boy9 about you & he said that must be so much fun (he’s an only child & will remain that way!)

    I think you should open your house as a retreat so all kid’s like my hard-done by only child gets a taste of what it’s like to have siblings 😉 Actually, can I book him in for a week in the summer please?? One more won’t make a difference surely 😉

    #boy9 was due 2nd Dec (the day after his dad’s birthday – but he had other ideas and was born 21st Nov.

    Aw – so pleased for you all.

    Keep us posted.


  3. CONGRATULATIONS!! What wonderful news. I’ve certainly got some catching up to do! My eldest was born on 2nd December – she’ll be 22 this year. Hope the pregnancy goes well – it should be a breeze after having twins!

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