A whirlwind weekend



Well, it’s been a weekend of sorts I’ll admit it.

It seems the national papers picked up on the local newspaper stories and we ended up hitting quite a few publications.  The headlines you have to love – written for reader reaction not necessarily accuracy.  In fact the content often isn’t accurate itself.  Yet that is how it works, we’ve resigned ourselves to accepting.

We didn’t even know we would be featured in anything.  It was only when I began receiving tweets, emails and messages asking if such and such was talking about us that we realised.

Anyway, it hasn’t done website traffic any harm so that’s a big plus.  And for those of you who have taken the time to email or message me I will reply as soon as I can, I promise.

The next few days are set to be busy too.  We collected Ben yesterday after he worked for over a month straight at Wimbledon for the tennis.  He’s back home for a week or two before setting off to work at the Olympics.  He’s looking healthy, tanned and it’s nice to have him back for a while.

We have some a couple more interviews lined up too, and of course I have my consultant’s appointment tomorrow.  Half the kitchen has been ripped out as we grabbed a bargain range cooker on eBay after doing without a grill or oven for six months, and so our plans to carry out a kitchen makeover have been brought forward.

And we’ve also been working on some other stuff too.

Add all that to the normal hustle and bustle of every day life and we are in no danger of being bored.

Just how I like it!

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