How to make a pretty noticeboard


Last year Mike made me a new desk. I’m still waiting for the drawer fronts (Mike!) and as soon as it’s ready I’ll take a picture to show it off as I am really very pleased with it.


However, the two noticeboards that hung on the wall above it were too ugly and boring and too office-looking and I wanted something pretty to match my pretty, new desk.


How to make a pretty noticeboard:


First I (read: Mike) unscrewed the noticeboards from the wall.


See how boring and officey this one is?



Then I had to choose which fabric I wanted to use.  Decisions, decisions…


I laid fabric over the noticeboard to make sure it was large enough to overlap the edges by a couple of inches all the way around.  Then I laid the fabric face down onto the table, placed the noticeboard face down onto it and folded the edges of the fabric over to the back of the board, using the hot glue gun to stick it all in place.  Make sure you pull the fabric fairly taught as you work around the board.  You don’t want the fabric to sag.  (Ironing the fabric before putting it on is also advisable. I forgot this part).



Once the fabric has been stuck to the back of the noticeboard turn the board facing up.  Map out the pattern you want to create with your ric rac using a ruler and masking tape.  I decided to make a lattice design and stuck the masking tape so that the lower edge would mark the line against which I would stick the ric rac with the hot glue gun.



After a while, several balls of discarded masking tape which the children will gladly take away and use to throw at each other and numerous incidences of avoiding sticking your fingers to the fabric you will have something like this.



I’m sure that office workers would be far more productive if every office had a noticeboard like this, don’t you think?


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