Pregnancy Diary: Baby 12 in 2012 – Week 19




This week was looking to be like the last few weeks pregnancy wise with nothing much to report.

I have been making the most of this second trimester period.  I know this is the time I will have the most energy as the final few weeks of pregnancy are quite a lot more tiring.

Finding ourselves only a week away from the halfway stage of this pregnancy is surprising even for us.  Having been kept busy with one thing or another we now find ourselves approaching the twenty week mark without so much as a name bandied about for our new arrival.  Unless you count Ollie’s suggestion of Rapunzel.

Even though I have occasionally suspected feeling movement I couldn’t be very certain that it wasn’t just my digestive system, what with my concerted efforts to keep it working continuously.  On Saturday I realised the feelings had been going for quite a while and had happened several times throughout the day.  Yes, my baby is moving about and I can now feel the reassuring kicks and turns!  Despite the number of times I’ve been through this I still find it amazing and wonderful.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to see my consultant.  This will be our first meeting since she delivered our twins nine months ago.  I’ll let you know how it goes next week.





3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Diary: Baby 12 in 2012 – Week 19

  1. Glad everything is still going well Tania and that you are feeling movement. I love that feeling and miss it so much when not pregnant.

    Good luck with your consultant tomorrow xx

  2. Awww I LOVE those first flutters – it’s so special and I find it really bonding – like a little secret communication between you and your baby :). Enjoy! xx

  3. I’m 34 weeks pregnant with my sixth baby and can relate to the quiet relief you feel with each baby as you begin to feel it move, it’s great. I’ve actually given up trying to think of a name because I kept changing my mind so much, I think I’m just going to wait until I see his little face and hope it helps me decide! x

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